No Fast Food for Children – Overweight, Diabetes and more! – 1 Aug 09

New York
United States of America

Yesterday I said that there are many unhealthy and chemical ingredients like colour and flavor in a lot of food. My friend Suann told me that a very popular fast food chain spends millions of dollar for researching what kind of colour and flavour children like. They use that in their food especially to attract children, no matter how harmful it is for those little ones who are the future of this universe.

Somebody told me that this generation of children will be the first one which will probably be outlived by their parents. Children are not aware of the harm of this food and they can be attracted but why do parents do this and buy this food instead of cooking with love for their loved ones? I have even heard from so many people that there are documentaries about how harmful this fast food is, how it goes into our system and how it stays there. I think this movie is very popular because I have heard it from so many people. But even though so many have seen this film, their business is still going on.

I heard that many people here are suffering from diabetes and have heart problems. What is the reason? Of course it is our nutrition.

One of my friends told that she was always used to eating this food and daily when she woke up she had stomach pain. She even thought it was normal to have this pain because she got used to it. She changed her eating habit and since then, since eating healthy food, she can compare and she realized that it is not good. We cooked a wonderful healthy dinner again tonight and it was our last evening here with Jeremy. Tomorrow early in the morning we will hop on a plane again and fly to Chicago.

4 Replies to “No Fast Food for Children – Overweight, Diabetes and more! – 1 Aug 09”

  1. I remember how different my stomach and entire body felt the first time I visited the ashram. Very very different! In a good way. At first I kept craving foods, even foods I didn’t like very much and I finally realized what all the foods I was craving had in common- they were full of preservatives. I wasn’t craving the substance or nutrition from the foods, just the chemicals. It was quite a realization.

  2. I came from a family where we just always had homecooked and wellrounded food. My mom cooked and my dad cooked, we always had good food. When I went to college I couldn’t believe the lack of good food in the cafeteria, or what my friends were eating! I think I am one of the few people who actually lost weight during their first semester just because there was nothing I wanted to eat there.