Harm of Microwaves – No Time to Feed Yourself? – 11 Dec 10


Today Ramona and I cooked our lunch and as I was very hungry, I said to Ramona ‘Let’s make quick food.’ We cooked and within half an hour or maybe a little more we had a great lunch on the table with rice, lentils and a vegetable dish with mushrooms and bell pepper. We really enjoyed our lunch and afterwards talked with each other about what a nice lunch we could make in only that time. I know that other people when they are really hungry just put something into the microwave to heat it up.
I would never ever use a microwave for anything that I want to eat. I always say that a microwave oven simply kills our food. Later on we talked with Michael about this, too, and he told me about something that he learned as a doctor.

The first thing he and Andrea told me was that there was a test done on cats when people were feeding the cats food warmed up in a microwave for several weeks. All of the cats that only ate this food died.

Michael told me then that when surgeons perform surgery in hospitals, they always keep some blood ready for transfusions. They are of course refrigerated but before they are used, they need to be warmed up to body temperature. At some time, hospitals tried to use microwaves for heating up the blood but immediately stopped it: all patients who received blood transfusions warmed up in microwaves died. Since then it is forbidden in any hospital in Germany to use microwaves in operation theatres.

Sounds logical but think about what this means to our food? What exactly are you eating when you eat food warmed up in the microwaves?

Apart from the question what exactly the microwave does to your food, I always need to ask why exactly do you need to use such a machine for cooking? Usually I hear the answer ‘Because it is quicker’ or ‘I come home from work and am hungry and I don’t have time to cook something then!’. Isn’t it sad that we rather put our food for 2 minutes into a microwave oven and kill it than taking out 20 minutes of time for ourselves and cook something healthy for ourselves? If you have these 2 minutes, don’t you have 20 minutes for yourself?

This is what happens often in busy restaurants: they don’t have time to make fresh food for each customer and so they prepare it before and just put it into a microwave oven to warm it up. You are amazed by their good service because you got food in only two minutes but you don’t realize that your food is already dead – murdered by a microwave.

It is sad that eating has so little importance for most people. Take time for yourself, for nourishing your body, for eating good food. If you don’t even have time for eating, when do you really do something good for yourself? This is the minimum of time that you should invest for yourself – time to feed yourself good food.


  1. Shrinath Vashishtha

    Very useful and eye-opening info for many a folk… Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hans-Christian Vom Kolke

    We don’t have a microwave, so it’s no alternative.But, if someone comes home late after work or is in a hurry otherwise, why doesn’t he/she just eat a whole wheat bread with some cheese and some tomatoes. You drink a tea with that so you have something and a healthy meal.
    It’s not a question of time but of consciousness and attention for the most important thing you do for yourself!

  3. Deniz

    I once briefly had a microwave, then gave it away after quickly realizing its uselessness. If someone is in such a hurry, things can usually be heated up just as fast with a little water at the bottom of a pan to provide steam. Many people probably don’t even know this because cooking knowledge and competence has declined so much. People are brainwashed by advertisers to believe they need lots of things that are equally useless. Like dishwashers. Dishes can be washed just as fast as it takes to load and unload the washer. Also box springs and mattresses, perhaps the most insane items in an average American home. Very expensive, with inner springs that become noisy, and often wear out after only a few years. I got rid of mine as soon as I became adult and was in charge of my own furniture. Futons are much better, more durable, and healthier. I’ve had the same one for 20 years and it’s as good as new. I was telling my family and some friends about the insanity of box springs and mattresses for many years and for years they resisted, thinking it was just another one of my kooky hippy notions. But one by one they converted to futons, and now they will never go back, and lament all the years they wasted with the trouble and expense of those crazy box springs and mattresses. Given more time, I could probably think and write of many more items that consumers have been convinced to think they need, but are really useless, troublesome, needlessly expensive, and even unhealthy.

  4. Armin

    I must confess that I`m a heavy user of microwaves.I always cook food for a couple of days as it is not so easy to get such low amounts of the ingredients as I would need for one single lunch. If I did it, it would mean that I would have to throw away a lot of stuff.
    So I use my microwave just to heat up my cooked lunch. Especially at work I wouldn’t have another possibility to heat up my lunch.

  5. Tham

    I guess there are lots o fthings we are doing to kill ourselves more quickly. About a hundred years ago is was the spreading diseases that killed us off and now it’s US that is killing us off with all of our own great ideas. Crazy times 🙂 Still room to spread the love though. No matter the condition of the world, that should e the condition of our hearts.

  6. Tanya

    There is a section of the book “the little prince” where hey talk about a pill invented to keep you hydrated so you can safe 45 minutes a day you would waste while walking to get water. and the little prince says if he had an extra 45 minutes a day he would love to spend it taking a nice stroll to a well to get some water and have a relaxing drink. It is so enjoyable to prepare things, if people made time for simple stuff they would be happier.

  7. Krystal

    The kind of food that you can cook in a microwave is not the kind of food your body wants you to put in it. This isn’t always true and it is important to save left over food and eat it later, especially in the US where left over food won’t be eaten by animals but will go sit in a garbage dump for 1000s of years.

  8. Bennie

    Cooking is such a pleasure and after working with my mind all day I find cooking to be a wonderful way to balance myself. I get to use my hands a little. I don’t want to remain zoned out all day.

  9. Avra Stackpole

    At what point does a tool stop being necessary and start being too convenient? There is a great deal of idealization of simplistic technology in the US. I have personally seen it mostly among young farming communities who want to do everything with their hands because of what they recognize they gain from this. On the other hand I have met Indian farmers who flat out call these people idiots. They would love to have a tool that allows them harvest wheat in 1/3 of the time. They don’t want to break their back or waste precious calories doing things by hand. It is funny. Both sides make a lot of sense in their respective contexts. I guess I view my own disdain for microwaves as a luxury of my fortune. But that doesn’t change the fact that I recognize many problems for me with using one and many positive qualities of cooking my own food. Great entry Swami Ji!

  10. Kaye Lynch Sparks

    Armin,Me too. It is that or cold lunch.

  11. Craig Brown

    I agree that it is very sad that people don’t take 20 minutes to cook food for themselves. A lot of people would say they simply don’t have the time but most of those people, in my experience, could make time. There are only a few who can’t. I think we all have to be careful to not make that an excuse for ourselves. I think it leads to our unhappiness.

  12. Francesca Cain

    A stove is quicker than an open fire. More hands in the kitchen is quicker than a 2. A 30 minute meal is quicker than a 2 hour meal and a microwave is quicker than that. We have to find our own balance.

  13. Victoria M. Gray

    Well said Swami Ji…keep in mind with the cat food thing that correlation does not equal causation! Some scientists are currently researching microwaves as a form of cancer treatment.

  14. Holly Polly

    In addition Swami Ji, the foods that come “microwave ready” are usually packed full of unnecessary calories and they taste terrible! People get use to the flavor and don’t want anything different.

  15. Ainsley August David

    “How Microwave Ovens Work
    All most people know about the operation of a microwave is that after pushing a few buttons, food heats up quickly and easily. Yet just how the oven heats that food is a violent, destructive process. Electromagnetic energy bombards the food, creating intense molecular vibration due to the natural polarity of water molecules in the food. Those vibrations cause friction, which in turn generates heat and heats the food. At the same time, however, those very molecules responsible for heating the food are ripped apart — a chemical change that can be dangerous.”

  16. John Fawcett

    A lot of American consumers are under the impression that if you can buy it, it is harmless! The FDA is a governmental organization which makes it a political organization. They have been repeatedly caught manipulating research findings under the pressure of big businesses. If your going to use a microwave you might want to read for yourself why it is a controversial machine. Legal does not mean safe. Just look at the tobacco industry.

  17. Camille from Montana

    This reminds me that a lot of American vacations, weekend ventures, a lot of ways to relax surround indulging in various addictions. If people want to watch a sport together they might get together at someone’s house, turn on the tv, drink beer and eat way too much microwaved food, not even talking to each other. Just talking to the tv. This is what microwaving my food feels like to me….Some kind of indulgence in comfort that is meant to make my world more dreamlike. When I live like this even for a moment I feel really depressed and unhappy.

  18. anonymous

    I love that book and this comment.

  19. Rich Enule

    Yes Swami Ji. And I think that when we don’t know the importance of food or when we have not appreciated hunger, we tend to misuse food; abusing our bodies or being wasteful.

  20. William Reerick

    I’ve worked in a lot of busy restaurants but never one that microwaves their food. Who does that!? Seriously. I want to make sure I don’t eat there.

  21. Susan Young

    I think that HAL 9000 should have been a microwave.

  22. Macky

    Whole foods are a great solution!

  23. Mirela

    Actually I realized that a lot of students who are busy with their university use to prepare their food in the microwave oven, because they think this is a simple and quick possibility. Unfortunately they forget, that their health might suffer from that. I think there are truly many uncomplicated dishes and they are still tasty!

  24. Tyler Tork

    If you search, you’ll find out that the reason microwaved blood isn’t generally used for transfusions is that it doesn’t heat evenly, which can cause problems — parts of it get too hot and the heat kills (some of) the blood. It wouldn’t be a problem if you could keep mixing it while heating, but that’s more trouble than heating it in the conventional way. It’s simply false to say that every patient who received microwaved blood died.
    As for the cat food study, I’ve been unable to find a citation for it despite numerous mentions online. If you can’t cite the paper, you actually know nothing. It might have been withdrawn for shoddy methodology. It might simply not exist at all, which I suspect is the case. This isn’t a study, it’s a rumor.

    Every means of cooking removes some nutrition. Microwaves are no worse than cooking on the stove.

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