Are you fooling yourself with Fast Food? – 25 Jun 10

New York
United States of America

Yesterday I wrote about the bad effects of fast food for your health. In the documentary that we watched, they said that there had been a case filed against McDonalds because two girls were so obese that they were considered ill and their families and lawyers said it was because of eating fast food. The reply of McDonalds was that it is common knowledge that food gets unhealthier with each process that it undergoes. In short, everybody knows that their food makes you ill.

It is true! Everybody knows that it is not good to eat fast food, that is no secret! I don’t think that anybody really fools himself into thinking that it is healthy to eat that! People are aware of it but they still go there, and that pretty often, for their lunch, dinner, snack and even for breakfast. Isn’t it amazing? You know that something makes you ill and harms your body and mind, but you still eat it?

Don’t be self-destructive! It is just like I told about the gurus: people know that they are cheating but they still stay with them! You are aware that the man makes a fool of others and they know that fast food is bad for them. But still they eat their burgers or stay with their gurus. Humans like to fool themselves and harm themselves, is that true?

6 Replies to “Are you fooling yourself with Fast Food? – 25 Jun 10”

  1. People are often attracted to others like themselves. So if a person has an addiction problem, for example, and this person doesn’t really want to change, this person may choose a guru who also has an addiction problem. This applies to any other kind of attachment too. If someone has any kind of excessive attachment, and doesn’t really want to change, this person may choose a guru with the same attachment. By choosing such a guru, this person gives him or her self permission to just keep going on in the same way, and never change.

  2. I really like your idea about attraction and appreciate the comment. It is a new way of thinking and it seems that these followers also want to have just fast food, want to attain enlightenment on the run as they eat food on the run.Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Exactly, for many years I noticed this too, that many people will try a guru, a spiritual teaching, or instant enlightenment drug for a while, and if after a little while they don’t feel much more enlightened, will give it up and go on to something else. In many cases they will give up on spiritual growth completely, and just go back to being materialists. I only began to make progress after I made a firm resolution to change my habits (samskaras) of everyday thought and action, combined with daily meditation and spiritual study, and then gradually the unhelpful habits lessened and were replaced by better habits. The real guru arises within along with the inner resolution to change. Without this, even the best gurus can’t help much.

  4. Smoking is injurious to health – Alcohol consumption is injurious to health: Everybody has read those warning but nobody is seriously aware of the consequences.

  5. It is hard to see what some people are eating. When you see families loading their shopping cart with nothing but sweets and starches you think, how will these kids learn about healthy eating. It is the sad reality that most of these foods are the cheapest on the shelves and therefore what many low income families can afford.

  6. Fast food chains haven’t come under criticism only because of negative health effects. The production is also connected animal cruelty, cases of worker exploitation, and claims of cultural degradation. But unfortunately the increasing mobility in everyday-life leads people to “mobile eating” and so they think McDonalds is the solution even if nowadays you can also buy healthy food to go.