Let Food be Something Special – 20 Sep 09

New York
United States of America

In the last days I was writing and thinking about the topic of food and hunger in the world. Statistics in the newspaper read that in India 46% of the children between zero and three years are affected by hunger. Daily 6000 children die and of these, 50% die because of hunger. It is just sad and especially when you see in other parts of the world that food is not respected at all.

People here need to learn again that you should eat together and make it something special. Let food be something special. In India it is still usual that a family eats together. One person comes home from work at one time, another person comes at another time but still everybody will wait until all are sitting together at the dinner table. In this way eating together becomes a ritual that connects the family. It is a daily meeting point where they do something together. It is nice because the family learns to be a family, to be together and to support each other. And it gives respect to food.

Today Yashendu had a yoga workshop and everybody enjoyed it very much.

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  1. If you eat mindlessly, in a rush or while working, or even worse when you are watching tv, how are you going to know when your body has had enough food? If you are not aware of your body what will stop you from abusing it. Eating is a great opportunity to be in your body. While eating you can feel connected with your body, the same way you might if you go on a jog or a hike. Enjoy your food.

  2. Food does always have to be regarded as something, that brings you joy. It’s wonderful, when you are looking forward to every single meal and annew appreciate it. Fodd should never be something self-evident.

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