Processed Food, Fast Food and more – Take Care of your Body! – 31 Jul 09

New York
United States of America

In the last days I was writing about figure conscious people. I see and I have been told that many people here have overweight problems. But then I see the eating habits of people here and think that they should take more care about their eating habits and about the quality of their food.

Of course there is the problem that they are always on the run in this city. They never take time to sit down and eat but eat while walking. And then people eat a lot of junk food, fast food and processed food. I saw from outside of some shops which are displaying vegetables how they were shining and I said to Yashendu how artificial they look. They look polished and I was even in confusion if it was plastic or real. It was real and looking so beautiful, shining and colourful like showpieces. But they were real vegetables.

My friend Thomas from Germany, who is also in the States at the moment, told us that he was in an organic food store. German people are very conscious about reading ingredients and he told me how funny it was that although he was in an organic food store there was artificial colour and other chemicals in the food. You see, even in a shop in which you think you buy very healthy food, you have to look at what exactly you are buying. But this extra effort is worth it because it is about your health!

4 Replies to “Processed Food, Fast Food and more – Take Care of your Body! – 31 Jul 09”

  1. Because I’m Vegan I really don’t eat any “junk food”. I had a conversation the other day with a woman about the fact I ate alot of junk food when I watch movies. She was suprised and asked what I was eating. I said I had eaten a whole container of mixed organic nuts. She said that’s not junk food and I said I know nuts are good for you but to me they ARE my comfort/junk food lol. I also like dried fruit as junk food and carrots and hummus. yummy.

  2. I like fersh soup….Still i won’t say no to chicken with some Belgian fries ( I don’t know why the North-Americans and Enlish say Frenchfries. It’s a Belgian invention). I try to keep a balance and not overdo anything… I try to anyway. Today i’m still fighting the booze…Having been a heroinjunk, I can see the link in names (junkfood i mean), still one doesn’t walk necessarely hand in hand with the other. I go for fresh soup of any kind. Tanx for your words Mr. Swami Balendu