Supersize me – Fast Food, Overweight and Obesity in America – 24 Jun 10

New York
United States of America

It is already some time ago that I have written about the extremes here in America but in that time we watched a movie which was about another extreme: it was a documentary called ‘Supersize me’. I do not usually watch TV or movies but sometimes there are movies and especially documentaries which are really very informative and interesting. In this one, a man eats nothing but food of McDonalds, fast food, for 30 days to see how it really affects the body. And of course, it harms badly! Doctors already advised him to better stop this experiment some days before it was completed because they worried if his liver was able to cope with all that junk that it had to work with.

Apart from showing the bad effect of fast food very clearly, this documentary also told some interesting facts, for example this one: about 60% of all American adults are overweight or obese. If everything goes on as it is now, obesity and not anymore smoking will be the ‘leading cause of preventable death’ in America. It is dangerous to go into this extreme just as it is dangerous to starve yourself for getting thinner.

America is a country of extremes. On the one hand you nearly have to search for a yoghurt that is not ‘fat free' or 'low fat' and on the other hand each day one of four Americans visits a fast food restaurant. In those restaurants there is nothing or hardly anything fat free or sugar-free. Additionally you have to have a look at the portions: enourmous amounts of French fries, soft drinks and meat. Your body doesn’t need that much! More importantly, it needs very different things!

I just would like to appeal to everybody again: take care of your body! Do not eat fast food, take care of what you put into your stomach! Discover healthy, vegetarian and delicious food, you will see how much better you feel!

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  1. It is very unfortunate that healthy food is expensive in the U.S. Many poor people can only afford to eat fast food and are very unhealthy as a result. And many people complain that organic food is too expensive, so they settle for processed and genetically modified foods. Shouldn’t we value our bodies and lives enough to get rid of these false foods all together?!

  2. At first this movie seems to be unusual, funny and a little bit disgusting. Unfortunately it’s the bitter truth but also a great idea, to show the negative effects of eating fast food regularly by shocking informations. As I know, this movie made a noise in the world and hopefully some people changed their mind about their eating habits.

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