Changing Food Habits in India – 10 Apr 10


Today I had some healing sessions in the morning and after that we started preparing dinner. Yes, we started around noon to wash, peel and chop vegetables because we needed to prepare for 30 dinner guests. Antje, our friend with whom we are staying, is a film producer and has just finished a movie, a documentary, and she had invited all those people who worked together on the movie. So before we had dinner, we watched the documentary. It is a film about Indian food. Antje was in Hyderabad last year to film it and to show how Indian food culture is changing.

The small street vendors, who are sometimes supporting their whole family with their little shop, have big problems because of the ‘beautification’ plan that is being made in Hyderabad. The city should be cleaner and nicer and that is why the police often tries to make them leave their spots or has them pay high fees for staying which they cannot really afford.

What was also shown in the movie was the popularity of fast food restaurants which are now newly opening in Hyderabad. It is all those brands which are already in all major cities, in Europe and America as well as in India: McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway and more. Young people now think that it is fancy and cool to be at these places, especially because not everybody can afford to go and eat there.

These topics were shown in the movie, it was very interesting. We had a nice evening together with some very nice people.


  1. Kristi

    This makes me very sad because that food destroys your body and is another way the West has thoughtlessly planted themselves in India. Would it make any difference if people knew that it was very “uncool” to go to these places in the U.S. and that not close to everyone eats in those restaurants?

  2. Bart

    People can make their own choices.

  3. Charles

    mmmm That looks delicious. Hope you finished off the meal with a nice swim in a pond.

  4. Shelly

    Now that is just crazy. Mcdonald’s is classless!

  5. Mirela

    These changing food habits in Hyderabad have two effects: People are slowly getting used to fast food and therefore they risk their health. And what is also a pity, is that a huge part of the local culture might be replaced by global fast food chains. Food isn’t only eating, it’s a way of life.

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