Special Food Order of Swami Ji – 10 Jan 08


Roger called again today: "We will be there tomorrow!" So they will start at 9 o'clock in morning and are probably here until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I am happy that they will come. Roger likes Lausanne so much and had the wish to be here with me. His wish will come true now.

Prem Meditation was planned for the evening today. Between healing sessions and the meditation we went to have a pizza. I do eat pizza from time to time but also there I have a kind of special order. I am anyway vegetarian and I do not eat eggs. That is normally not a big problem when you want to eat out. You can find several dishes. But I do not eat onions or garlic, either. This sometimes reduces the choice. I do not eat it because it is not sattvic food. It changes the energy in the body. In Vrindavan, my home town, it is quite normal not to eat onions or garlic. Actually the whole town is vegetarian. You will not find one single restaurant or shop where you can buy meat. Onion and garlic counts as a special order, there. When I am ordering a pizza in Europe it always is a special order: "Can you put all kinds of vegetables that you have on my pizza? Please put a lot of vegetables but no onions! And do not put any garlic. No, not in the sauce, either. Could you use only Mozzarella cheese? And only half of the normal amount? And could you cut my pizza?"

Yes, sometimes the waiter understands what I want, sometimes not. The cheese by the way is a matter of taste. I just don't like cheese very much. In Lausanne the pizza was okay. After the Pizza and some pieces of a wonderful chocolate we had a good meditation with full bellies.

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  1. Haha, Swami Ji! I would have so much fun with your order if you came into my restaurant and maybe you will someday (Mellow Mushroom, Raleigh, NC, USA….We are all about the vegetables).