Do you treat your belly like a Trash Bin? – 3 Feb 16


There is something which I often tell my friends to take good care of because it will actually affect their health: they should eat good food and take their time while eating. Your belly is not a trash bin. And after years of saying this, it is actually today still just as important as it has been when I said it the first time!

We are living in a world where we have the possibility to just go to the next store, restaurant or take-out place and ‘grab something to eat’. Even in this expression you can see where it is going wrong: you shouldn’t ‘grab something to eat’. You should sit down and enjoy a meal. You should realize what you are eating and that you are eating at all.

I am actually not at all in favour of eating in standing. In any way, the fact that you eat while standing shows that you are not focusing on your food. You want to get it into your body as fast as possible so that you can continue doing other, more important things. Maybe you even eat while walking! You are going from one meeting to the next, quickly eating a sandwich on the way. You are dropping the kids off at school and while driving to work you eat an apple – your breakfast, on the road, in the car!

No, I believe you need to sit down to eat, have the time to fully enjoy that meal and take your mind off other things in the meantime! Don’t multitask with food, it is too important!

If you don’t concentrate on your food while eating, you don’t have any control on how much you eat or what the quality of that food is. If you pick up just anything, anywhere, if you don’t even care what it is, how can you expect it to nourish your body properly? And then you complain that you don’t feel good, that you have too much acidity, that your digestion is irregular or that you gain weight without knowing what happened! You don’t even know what or how much you ate – so how would your body be able to work with that?

So have some respect for your own body and only feed it when you have time for eating and can sit down to concentrate on it!

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