Take a look around you and see whether someone is hungry! – 4 May 15


Today I just have a few statistical facts for you:

The World

– 80% of people on this world live on less than 10$ a day

– 64% of the poorest people of the world live in only five countries

– the world’s 85 richest people have a wealth of 3.5 billion dollar, which is equal to what half of all poorest people of this world has combined!

– 805 million people on this earth don’t get enough to eat

– 791 million of these people live in developing countries

– 13.5% of the population in developing countries is malnourished

– 526 million people in Asia can only fill half of their stomach every day

– every ninth person on this world daily goes to sleep hungry

– 45% of the world’s children below five die of malnutrition and 20% of the world’s children below five die of the consequences of being underweight

– every year more people die of hunger than of AIDS, malaria and TB together

– every day on this earth, 20000 children die of hunger


– families who live below the poverty line spend 70% of their income for food

– families who live above the poverty line spend 50% of their income for food

– middle class families in the big cities spend 30% of income for food

– 40% of India’s fruit and vegetables and 20% of its grain get wasted because of bad management of the supply chain – the food doesn’t reach consumers before it gets bad!

– 190 million people in India live in hunger

– 30.7% of India’s children below 5 years are underweight

– every fourth child is malnourished

– 24% of the world’s children who die before their fifth birthday are from India

– 3000 children die of malnutrition every day

– 30% of all Indian infants die

These facts are sad and a terrible proof that there is still much that needs to be done in this world. If we all share from our wealth, nobody needs to die of hunger! And even if you think you cannot do much, do whatever you can. You alone won’t end world hunger – but together, we can make a difference!

You can help us feeding poor children in India by sponsoring the food for a day!


Source of statistics: Times of India

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