Eat consciously and know what you are eating – 4 Feb 16


I yesterday mentioned how important it is to take time when you are eating so that you consciously eat and know what you are eating. When I mentioned that you should not see your body as a trash bin however, I don’t only refer to whether you are sitting or standing for your meal – but also exactly what you are giving your body to digest and work with – because there can be big differences!

Once you start considering what is actually going into your belly, there is certain information that reaches you and makes you decide on changes in your diet!

One of the first decisions that a lot of people take once they become aware about healthy eating is to become vegetarian. There is a point when starting to think about your food that you wonder where it comes from. Going down the supply chain of meat, you come across a lot of violence, use of chemicals and hormones, inhuman and cruel living conditions – and most people lose all appetite for meat! Why would you add to the pain of animals just to eat them if you can do without? Why would you like to eat the hormones which those cows get injected for growth?

Obviously, the origin of your food has an effect on its quality, too! Having reached the point where you think about what the animals whose meat lands on your table have eaten before their death, it is not far away from thinking about what is in the vegetables that you are eating! You get across harmful fertilizers and growth-supporting chemicals, genetically modified plants, preserving agents, chemical colours and so much more that you start wondering whether you can actually still eat that!

That’s how a lot of people start extending their hand towards the organic product at the supermarket compared to the non-organic one. They start buying locally again when thinking about those huge companies destroying the market for smaller, local shops. Completely organic shops are not only surviving but striving due to this raise of awareness which has happened in the past years. There is a growing amount of people who stick to organic ingredients now whenever they are able to!

Obviously, starting to think about your food, you eat more consciously and bring a change to how often you eat, how much you eat and simply your entire diet! You think about how your body feels after eating certain kinds of food and realize that an excess of fat or sugar makes you feel bad and you avoid it. Certain items are skipped which you know are too processed to contain any more than chemicals and at some point you feel that you don’t even want to eat or drink any of that anymore!

That’s how the process of beginning to eat consciously usually goes. You don’t need anybody to tell you what to do. Nowadays, there is so much information available in so many different forms that you don’t need to rely on one person to know what is good for you. The only one who will really be able to know that is you because you are the one that feels your body.

So start getting more sensitive towards it, get information and input wherever needed and get onto your way to feeling better, fitter, healthier and happier!

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