Respect your food by paying full attention to it – 08 Feb 08


We just came back from dinner. Ann, a friend from Ireland is also here for a few days. We went to a nice little restaurant in Wiesbaden. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant and the owner is Indian. The food was very good and I am especially happy about the fact that it is vegetarian. The energy is so clean there. Vegetarian restaurants are rare here in Europe. The owner is a nice man and I encouraged him and said him that he and his business will grow and develop.
While I was eating somebody asked me a question. I did not reply because I did not realize that the question was directed at me. Actually I did not even hear the question. When I am eating I am concentrating on it. There is nothing else. I would not even put on music; I would not listen to it and it would only disturb me. In India the culture is a little bit different. When somebody is eating and you are coming to his home you sit down and wait for him to finish. He will not stop eating to greet you and you will not start talking to him. Paying full attention to your food shows the respect that you have for it. So if you address me while I am eating it can easily happen that I do not answer. Please do not mind it; I am just concentrating on my food.

3 Replies to “Respect your food by paying full attention to it – 08 Feb 08”

  1. I feel so awkward when I eat next to people and don’t say anything. Also when there is not other noises happening around while you eat, it feels so weird! When you can hear people chew or when you hear the sound the food makes. Seems backwards but I know many people who feel this way. must be a West thing. Does the sound of eat make us feel too animal, I wonder?