Bribed or paid Followers – Fake Followers supporting Fake Gurus – 7 Jun 11


Bribed and Paid Followers

Today I want to present you a type of follower who has absolutely nothing to do with the guru’s philosophy, teaching or behavior. These followers don’t mind if their guru is dishonest and not doing what he himself preaches. They don’t care whether their guru has one woman, several of them or none at all. It doesn’t even matter to them whether there are many other followers or not. Why? Because being a follower is nothing else than a job for them. They get paid.

I have seen this with many bigger and smaller gurus, from India, Asia, Europe, Australia and America. It is a modern way of marketing their lectures and services. They invest some money and pay a group of people to come to their program. These followers are usually poor people or people with only little income. They are approached by middlemen and asked whether they would like to earn some extra money. They get instructions on how to behave and then receive some money for this job.

They come to the program that hundreds or more people take part in. They sit in different places among the general audience. When the guru starts his program and asks whether there are any people who have been there before, who have met him and had treatment with him, they raise their hand, get up and tell what they have been told: “I had cancer and Guru ji healed me only with his hands.” Or “My business was about to be bankrupt but with Guru ji’s blessing, I now earn a fortune.” They tell of miracles performed and blessings received by the guru.

What the rest of the audience doesn’t know is that they are doing this for money. It is a sleazy kind of advertisement which makes people believe this guru actually helped those fake followers. Most of them have never even seen him before.

Some gurus even have paid followers on whom they perform on-stage healings. I have seen paid – and completely healthy – followers get up from wheelchairs and throw away their crutches after the guru had called them to the stage and ‘healed’ them. Again, the audience doesn’t know that these people were walking normally the day before and will walk normally the day after. They will just be some Dollars richer than before.

If some of you now doubt that this is true and think I only suspect that those people are bribed, let me tell you something else. I have lived the life of a guru and I have seen how many people get famous in that world. I was even approached myself by groups of people who do such services. They wanted to offer their work to me. It was a group of women and they had been to some religious programs nearby. They had heard of me and came to ask whether I needed them in my program. The women would start dancing as if in ecstasy when I start chanting mantras. They would shake their whole body, feeling the energy of the room. They would start crying at emotional points of my lecture and, if I wanted, could also give a testimonial of my work. They were experience-holders, having done this job for several other gurus before.

I refused the offer. I never liked this dishonest approach to make people believe in you. I strongly believed in myself and with this self-confidence and honesty I did not need bribed and fake followers.

Bribed and paid followers are not real followers. They go to gurus if they get money for it and they also go to attend political speeches if they get money for it. Many politicians bribe the public to attend their program so that it looks full on pictures and videos. It only takes 20 Rupees or a bit more per person. These are all fake followers, helping fake gurus to grow.

7 Replies to “Bribed or paid Followers – Fake Followers supporting Fake Gurus – 7 Jun 11”

  1. But this is just plain old cheating! They were doing that in the wild wild west when charlatans sold their miraculous tinctures that could heal everything from eczema to mood swings! It worked in the same way then and obviously still works now. And the sad thing is that people want to believe it!

  2. I have actually been on a similar kind of event in Belgium once where a ‘healer’ was showing his technique. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he actually called a woman on crutches on stage, healed her and was applauded for his help when she walked and danced off the stairs. It was so obvious! I just left the hall after this and did not go back there. Creepy and mean kind of cheating!

  3. I find this very despicable. It lacks any integrity or honesty and is very deceiving and wrong. I have pity for the poor people who get lured into these dishonest businesses. But I really dislike the gurus who promote this at their events. They are certainly lying to themselves if they think they are helping the world by cheating in this way. Unfortunately, this kind of “show business” happens a lot in our societies just to make money and create an image. Can you imagine if every business and industry was just plain honest?? Can you imagine living by integrity and real truth? I can only hope…some day…