Follow and Trust your Feelings – 13 Dec 09


Yesterday I said that you need to be confident about what you feel. It is really important that people in the west learn again how they feel about things. And many people decide to come to a spiritual healing session because they want to ask me exactly this: How do I do this, how do I feel myself fully again?

One of the points where I would always ask people to start from is this: don’t worry what others think! It doesn’t matter what others feel or believe, you only have to see yourself if you want to find out your feelings. If you look at everyone else and then decide according to their opinion if you like or dislike something, you cannot be honest.

This is even one reason why some people often lie. They don’t even try to find out what they feel themselves, they just hear what the neighbour is saying, see what the friend is doing or remember the opinion that the mother announced, even if that was many years back. And they answer according to that. If the neighbour says yes and they are standing next to the neighbour, they also say yes. If the friend decided that blue is a good colour, they also say blue is a good colour. And when the mother said that wearing a tank top was immodest, this person, without thinking, will never buy a tank top.

Actually it is a dependency. And in the same way many people act in their daily life with many small but also bigger things without thinking about their own feelings. Take time for doing that! Stop for a second before you reply and feel inside yourself where your thought comes from. And then see your own feeling and what you really want to do or say. Trust in yourself!

5 Replies to “Follow and Trust your Feelings – 13 Dec 09”

  1. My teacher taught me long ago that sometimes we are worried about what others are thinking of us when actually they are not thinking about us. They are worried about what we are thinking of them. I guess the lesson is to just be present and project the beauty that is inside us out into the world. Namaste, my friend.

  2. The human mind is the most deceitful of all things. It is incurable. No one can understand how deceitful it is. (Jeremiah 17:9)
    God seems to say otherwise. I’ll believe God, thank you.

  3. I have heard from several spiritual teachers and medical inuitives that cancer actually comes from not feeling. When you suppress an emotion and refuse to acknowledge it or let it out, it has nowhere to go but to be stored in the body. After lots of time doing this, your body eventually has to react. Your cells become destructive to themselves from holding all the pain. They demand that you finally listen to your body in the way that you would never listen to your feelings.