Have Confidence in your Feelings – 12 Dec 09


Yesterday I said that many people come here and they just love India whereas others arrive and want to leave right away again. I thought for a long time that this might be like that: you can either love or hate India when you come here.

However we meet many people and some time ago a couple from Germany was here whom I also asked the question how they liked it here in India. They had been travelling already for two months in North India but they first looked at each other, then at me and answered both: ‘I don’t really know!’ They were just not sure and that even though they had spent such a long time travelling really among Indians.

Another woman wrote to us that she had been to India and now, being back home, she felt that she liked it. But being in India was overwhelming for her. She finished her mail saying that she might come back because you learn from experiences.

Sometimes I need to ask myself why people just don’t know if they like something or not. But this is actually a common western problem: many people in the west are confused about their own feelings. You need to realize what you feel, if you find something good or bad, positive or negative and then know it, not just guess. Feel yourself! Stop concentrating on the outside looking for the right reaction of everyone else. There is no wrong or right, it is your experience! Have confidence and then say it. It is fine, that is you and whether you like it or not, that is all fine as long as you know yourself.

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  1. It’s just not simple, I don’t know how you always know what you want. I wish I knew! There is a vague puddle of many kinds of emotions around every thought or decision. I think maybe it has to do with always having so many options surrounding you.

  2. This is an interesting thing to think about, because I see myself as being unable to know as well, and now I just want to know why. Fear of commitment to one way of feeling? Feeling like things don’t matter enough to have to decide how you feel about them? Desire to be open to constant change for adaptation’s necessity? Lack of knowledge of self. Possibly.

  3. I can totally relate to these mixed emotions over India, especially because this is my first time being in Asia, or anywhere farther east than Germany! It was such a culture shock to me that it caused some negative emotions in the beginning… not really pertaining to anything external, but to my own discomfort in something so new. After about a week and a half, I felt like I had finally arrived in India! I could start to appreciate and enjoy the culture, the climate, and the people. I keep liking it more and more here, and I think I will really love it and miss it here after I’m gone! So I could see how someone would have confusion and mixed emotions if they were only here for one week…

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