Importance of Expressing Yourself – 16 June 10

New York
United States of America

When I talked with my friend about expression, I also told about two words of Sanskrit or Hindi: ‘vyakt’ means expression and ‘vyakti’ means human. So a human is the one who expresses. It is very normal that you want to express, that you want to share with others what you have inside.

Sometimes it can give you much relief when you can express an emotion. Have you experienced this? You have something on your heart and you tell a friend about it and already while you are talking you feel how your heart gets lighter. Your friend didn’t need to do anything, simply your expression helped you to feel good.

In this example you can see how important it is to express yourself. It doesn’t have to be much, I don’t mean that you have to talk if you don’t have really anything to say. No, I mean that it is good if you learn to express who you are when it is important. Imagine there is an important discussion going on and the person whom you are talking to is talking much and in a direction that you don’t want. He is going to do something that you don’t agree with. If you cannot speak from your heart in that situation, he will not know what you think and probably assume you are of his opinion. The bad thing is that you will be suppressing yourself and your emotions. It might be helpful if you can state your opinion, just express it. And things may turn a very different way.

4 Replies to “Importance of Expressing Yourself – 16 June 10”

  1. What is more important than having an opinion, or having others listen to you, is knowing yourself. It is easy to be outspoken or to be silent, but knowing yourself requires a journey, an understanding.

  2. When you express your feelings or thoughts, how would you like to be received? How would you like others to listen to you? Imagine this and hold it in your heart. Then when someone is expressing themselves to you, listen and receive in the same way you envisioned. It’s hard to do sometimes, but we learn how to be accepting of others’ thoughts and feelings, while accepting our own.