You need Feelings like Sadness and Anger – 26 May 09


My words from yesterday touched many people and I got many replies. I want to thank everybody for their warm words. One of my friends wrote that she felt understood when she read that ‘even such a spiritual person like me feels this pain’.

Yes, I am just a normal person and that is what I want to be. How would I be able to help anybody if I could not feel pain, if I could not have these feelings of sadness, anger or more? And only in this way I feel it is possible to give advice to someone if he asks you for it. Only if you know what you are talking about. You need to get to know yourself and see how you deal with situations before you can tell anybody else how they should handle a situation.

These experiences of sadness are also valuable and you learn a lot from that. And in this way we can learn to be thankful even to those who gave us pain. We can be thankful to those who give love and to those who give pain. I also thank my sister who gave me much love when she was alive and I also want to thank her for being in my memories when she is not there anymore.

2 Replies to “You need Feelings like Sadness and Anger – 26 May 09”

  1. Sadness. Everyone experiences sadness. I am always happy that it ends, and it ends every time. And all the ways I’ve been sad before just help me raise people up when I see their sadness. It’s important to feel these things.

  2. Beautiful words, Swami Ji. We should be grateful for our pain and those who bring us pain. It gives us depth, understanding, and compassion. I think when you have accepted pain, you aren’t really afraid of anything anymore. You aren’t afraid to die. You aren’t afraid to cry. You understand that everything is a blessing.