You can only Express a tiny Part of your Feelings – 13 June 10

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I had a talk with a friend about expressing the other day. We feel so much more than we can bring into our thinking. We think only a percentage of what we feel. And only another tiny part of what we think can be expressed. But when we try to express, we often lose the value. I can say ‘love’ but in this four-letter-word, there is not enough feeling! Even in my thinking it is much more than how it sounds when you hear it!

This is how I often feel that I cannot express my feelings. It is not about my knowledge of English language, I often cannot even express what I feel in my own mother tongue, in Hindi! There is a person of whom I know who could express his feelings in a much better way. I loved my grandfather’s poetry already as a child. I have already translated several poems into English but it is very difficult to bring the full value into another language. There is so much feeling in those discourses with his God. I was always amazed about how much of his feelings he can express. And then how much will he be feeling? Imagine, if this expression is just that tiny portion of thinking and of feeling!

I have already written about my idea of having a way of communication without language. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we did not lose the value of feelings in the translation into speech? If there was a way how we can express the whole value of the feeling?

6 Replies to “You can only Express a tiny Part of your Feelings – 13 June 10”

  1. You are right Thomas music is a very powerful way of communication and you are blessed with this gift. Also those who don’t play music should find other ways to express and communicate their feelings.

  2. Dear Swamiji Balenduji, it is so very beautiful and touching what you’ve expressed in this diary entry.You are very well at expressing your thoughts in words, must be the genes…Yes, there is much more happening between humans than just the spoken( or written) words. It’s okay, words are just a vehicle created by the mind…and mind itself is … See Morejust a servant…but we are shurely more than that. I believe we are multidimensional beings, just focussing now this life with this body, and if we are not trying to be something , not pretending to be something, just being true and honest and “in love” we will understand eachother without words…or beyond words.
    We are all One
    We are all Love
    Hugs, Pat

  3. It is true. No matter how obvious and simple we think it may be for other people to understand and react to our feelings, the truth is even we don’t understand all of ours. and the part we can share is just a small part, and the part they can understand is even smaller than that. That is why we should always help ourselves and not wait for help from outside, because we have the best chance of understanding who we are.

  4. It’s so true! Words cannot come close to expressing feelings. We can describe it many ways with many words, or we can sit quietly and look into the eyes of someone we are close with. Often two souls will share something without the use of the mind with words.
    And Thomas, music is a wonderful way to express! Keep giving your love through your musical expression. 🙂