You have a Free Will to Decide your Mood – 8 Jun 08


When I got up this morning I had a look out of the window and, like yesterday, clouds were hiding the sun, the sky was grey and it looked like it could rain today. However I was and still am in a good mood.

Very often people’s mood depends on things like the weather. I have already mentioned some day that you can decide how you want to spend your day, if you want to be sad, if you want to be stressed, if you want to be happy or if you want to be angry. People’s decision often depends on something, there is a condition on feeling good or not: If you have good music in the car when you go to work then you feel good. If not, your mood is not good either.

Weather is also a good example for these conditions: If it looks like today, many people are in a bad mood. Of course, when the sun shines and it is warm everybody feels better and happy but this doesn’t mean that you cannot be happy when it is raining. Otherwise your inner peace, your happiness depends on outer circumstances. There are incidents that make you sad, others that make you happy.

However you still have the choice. When our computer crashed I was also not happy about this but I did not allow this to spoil my day. My good mood and inner happiness is much too valuable for that. I watch myself and my mood and I decide not to be sad or angry. We sent the hard disc to India to a company which will try to recover some data and Purnendu, my brother, told me that they received it today. So I am looking forward to have our data back tomorrow but it can happen that after all effort and money spent, they tell us that the hard disc is fully damaged and no data could be saved. Then the data is irrevocably lost and our effort was for nothing.

However I also don’t depend on that. My mood will be okay in that case, too. I have my free will to change my mood and I do not want to fix it on things from outside. It is normal when growing up in the West that you get used to frames and patterns when you should feel good and when you are in a different mood.

It is not only about sad and happy. People get used to a schedule in their week:  on Monday there is yoga class, on Wednesday you go to the gym and on Thursday the friends come together for dinner. In the same way you unconsciously decide before in which mood you will be: Mondays is a day for being contemplative, on Tuesdays you like to be more playful and so on. You fix your mood because you get used to be happy on five days a week and sad on two days a week. This makes you forget that you have a free will to change it.

Everybody has different patterns and ideas on how they are in a good mood. Here people are happy when the sun shines, in other countries people celebrate and feel good when it is raining. Our conditioning guides us and our mood. If it is the colours that you wear, the music or the weather, your mood depends on these things. However you can manage to be satisfied and happy from inside, even if it is raining and you don’t like the music. Use your free will to decide that you are happy. 

5 Replies to “You have a Free Will to Decide your Mood – 8 Jun 08”

  1. I was trained, or rather I trained myself, to be sad for about the first 22 years of my life. now I am in a phase of re-conditioning. And I love life. And it’s my choice.

  2. Whenever a person is telling you about her current bad mood, there are automatically some reasons that will follow during the explanation. Nobody says, “ok, it’s my own fault, that I’m in this mood right now”. Everyone is looking for a “extern reason” instead of focusing on his own abilities to change the situation.