Burnout in Business – Allow your feelings as a Businessman – 12 May 11


I have friends in many different professions and several of them work in big companies, the corporate world, where big business is done. They told me that in this business emotions are not allowed. You make contracts, you follow the rules, there is a system and you just work within the system, without any emotion. You can imagine that this philosophy does not really convince me.

I want to do business. I really like it but I cannot ever leave my feelings aside. I cannot switch them off for my working hours and then switch them on again when I have free time. Anyway, my work has lots to do with feelings, so this would actually rather ruin all business.

Also in regular business however I believe there has to be more feeling. Otherwise you only function. You are not alive, it is as if you are just a machine. You are a computer, a robot, doing what you were programmed to do but not living. You make sure that in your professional life there are no emotions. If ever a tear or a sad feeling was seen by colleagues or competitors, rumours about you having a nervous breakdown would spread like wildfire. No, emotions are only allowed in your private time. This however doesn’t work and has a very bad effect on your physical and mental health as well as your social life and love life.

Such an attitude in your work will also make you act in the same way in your private time, too. It is difficult to switch and so you should not wonder if your wife or relatives tell you that you seem stressed, not relaxed, closed or not happy. You don’t let emotions and feelings come up right away because you are still in ‘work mode’. It takes time and is not so easy to realize that you are allowed to feel again. Others may find it strange behavior because they expect you to be jolly and happy or even to be sad if there is a reason. But you block these feelings because you get used to not allowing them.

This is the effect on your social life but more clearly you can see it on your own health. You get more and more stressed, you don’t have any outlet for your emotions and that’s why they are all cooking and boiling inside you. There is no joy and happiness but pressure and rules. This is how so many people suffer from burnout these days. They just feel like getting away from all of this and being a normal human person again! They want to feel themselves again and their body forces them to.

Many people say that successful businessmen have a lot of advantages and with their money can do anything they want. The reality is that most of them work and work and work and never really enjoy. They have a lot of money, yes, but they got used to being without feelings and have difficulty spending time enjoying what they have been working for. They fly business class, yes, but they fly from one appointment to the other, have to cope with time zone changes and jetlag and because of this get drunk on plane so that they can sleep. They take sleeping pills or even worse drugs to enhance their concentration. I heard that some people even use Ritalin, a drug prescribed against the attention deficit disorder, ADD. You can be very happy if you are not in this condition yet. Please don’t let it get that far, it is a horrible situation.

Your body and mind cannot and will not take this for a long time.

You need to bring love and feelings into your work. There is a way. Enjoy what you are doing, meet others with happiness and feelings instead of being like a stone. There are principles in business but they are man-made. Make love and feelings a part of those principles.

I am also a business man but I am a human person first. Humans have feelings. It is natural and we have to allow them. Tomorrow I will continue this topic with some tips on how you can avoid getting stress and burnout if you are in the business world.

10 Replies to “Burnout in Business – Allow your feelings as a Businessman – 12 May 11”

  1. Burnout is so common because people don’t feel like they are doing something that is in any way important for the world or even their own life. They just speculate with numbers of money that never existed and will never exist, only numbers on a screen, nothing else. But the feeling of emptiness is very real. They are stressed out and never have time and in the evening they lie in bed and think ‘why?’

  2. Again good words. That`s exactly how it is. I work in such a big buisness company, just as a small link. You are forced to work and work and work, faster and faster, and of course without any mistake. When the working day is over all the power you had for that day is gone, just wasted. And all you get for it are lies. And with some bad luck, someone has deceided that the company must save money just to earn more money, so you loose this job. And the other have simply work more and faster again. If you try to bring some fun into it you must be aware that now one from a higher level sees it, because that would mean trouble. A bad movement and hard to get out of it.


  3. You are right Tiffany, They should think why actually they are getting stressed? They don’t really enjoy even what they earn money. For what they are doing this all? I wish they can get help from tips I am sharing in next blog entry.

  4. Dear Armin, Thank you for your comment.Yes, this is what I always see. You become a machine, living for functioning, not for yourself, not for enjoying life, not for love. You are just a small link in the big machine, just a screw that turns and turns.
    If enough people get out of such conditions and make a change towards working in a healthy environment with good conditions, with more feeling in business, we can change the system. I believe in this.

  5. I cannot count how many people I already worked with who had burnout. They come to me, an alternative practitioner, because regular medicine has no answer for them anymore. Everything regular, the regular working system, the regular medicine and the regular lifestyle is not good for people at all. I agree in all points with you.

  6. Dear Cristobal. I am happy you found it interesting and will be more happy if anything can help you. Sending you much Love. And Thank you for your Love. A big hug to you too.

  7. So true, and so sad. These big businesses treat each employee like a small function that works to keep the overall machine functioning. Because everyone has a small piece to the puzzle, they become detached from the overall business project and feel nothing for it. I think that is why these bureaucratic processes can create harm, damage, and negativity…because they are comprised of lots of little segments that feel nothing and know nothing of the overall business purpose (i.e. the problem with huge global corporations…very scary).