Trading your Sensitivity for a modern Lifestyle – 27 Nov 12


Yesterday I told you that you should have morals on your own, not directed by any religion. I also mentioned that these morals come from your own mind and heart. You will be able to feel what is right and what is wrong. The problem that I can imagine with this though, is that people are not very sensitive towards their own feelings anymore and of course not sensitive towards the feelings of others, either. And this I believe is the biggest loss of today’s time: the loss of sensitivity.

It is not the first time that I mention something like this. When I was travelling in the west, this was actually one of the most noticeable differences in people for me. People often don’t have much of a feeling for others but, even more than that, they lack a feeling for their own wishes! They don’t know what they want, are confused about what will be good for them and with what they are going to be happy. Decisions are difficult to make because people cannot imagine with which of two options they are going to be happier.

Apart from not being able to feel their own inside, they have difficulties realizing what others feel. From time to time they come into situations in which they accidentally hurt someone else’s feelings because they were not sensitive enough for them. They just did not realize that the other one could feel bad. It was not any ill intention, just a lack of feeling.

I believe it has something to do with what people believe is modern. Human traded his sensitivity for a modern lifestyle. They strive for success as individuals, a busy work life, crowds of friends on social networks whom they hardly know, branded clothes and food at expensive restaurants. Money, of course, reputation and prestige. Having the newest gadgets, knowing the latest news. No time for feelings, use your mind and make it sharp, that is important! Get a heart of steel, where nothing goes in or out, so you don’t get disturbed by feelings while you are running with your mind and body through this busy world.

We can see that nature already forces people to slow down and listen. People get stressed and have pressure. If they still don’t react, they get burned out, completely reduced to only feelings, not thinking. All thoughts are lost, nothing remains, you need to feel now!

Once you get back to feeling who you are, you realize that you have not made yourself happy. You can go small steps to find out who you really are, what you want and what you actually feel. Stay with this slow feeling, keep on exploring yourself and your surrounding with feelings instead of thoughts. Feel what the person in front of you has in its heart instead of listening to each single word from his mouth.

Only if you make your heart soft and accessible, you will be able to feel another person’s sorrows and pain. Only then you can give love from your heart. You can help the needy! But the reality is, first of all, you are the needy one!

Relax your mind, don’t run behind an illusion of modernity and live your life, with sensitivity for you and others.

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