Accept, respect and love yourself – 16 Jan 08


Yesterday I was writing about this important topic of our feelings. As I said it is very important to see and feel them without our mind interfering. What do you feel? When you see your feelings I would like to ask you to accept them. This is the next step! You can say, yes, this is me. At the moment I am angry, this is my feeling and I accept it. It is very important to accept your feelings, to accept yourself. Only if you accept yourself you can respect yourself. Be proud of who you are and what you have inside! Each of these steps is important because only if you respect yourself you can love yourself. And only with this love to yourself you can give love to others and receive love from others. Then you are open for this universal love. Accept yourself, respect yourself and love yourself!

4 Replies to “Accept, respect and love yourself – 16 Jan 08”

  1. it is hard for me to understand, for a long time now, that accepting myself means accepting my emotions. I have always felt tainted by the fact that I tend towards sadness so often, and I find myself wishing I was “stronger” a lot. But the truth is that it takes courage to allow yourself to be sad, and to let it pass.

  2. I feel like I am really lucky, I was born into a family of really strong loving people and I have never had a sense that I don’t know who I am or that I need something from the world that I can’t get from myself. I see people around me who don’t feel that way at all and it is confusing to watch, it makes me sad. seems like if they could just change their perspectives a little they would be alright too.

  3. I think it’s true that we often judge other people or don’t accept them because of something we are afraid to accept in ourselves. If you have no boundaries from self-love, if you have nothing to hide from yourself, then it’s easier to give the same unconditional love to others.