Find the Reason behind your Fears for Dissolving them – 14 Jun 09


Yesterday I wrote that I really enjoy my life. And I do! I also enjoy my work very much, whether it is healings or workshops or other things like working on computer with the website. I like what I do and it feels nice when someone tells me that I could help.

Today there was a woman who told me that she is somehow afraid and has lots of fear inside herself. This fear even keeps her from doing things that she enjoys like riding bicycle or going for swimming. But when I asked her of what she was actually afraid, she didn’t know. Maybe it is the fear of dying, she said. I said to her: ‘But you know, this you should not have. Nobody knows when he will die. We could die each minute, each second. And I am always ready for dying.’

She was fully fine a few weeks ago and then she began feeling afraid of small things. And she did not know why this started. I told her that there must be an incident or any reason for this fear to start because just four weeks ago she could go swimming without this feeling. For this kind of fear there is mostly a psychological reason and we need to find that.

As she really had no answer, I told her that I would anyway give her healing and I pray that this will help her to find the reason. At the moment she is like in clouds or in fog, she cannot see clearly when or why this started. But the healing energy, this love, can help her to clear these clouds and to see which thought or incident made her feel afraid. I told her that we can go on working on this as soon as she knows what it was. There is always a reason why we have this kind of fears and as soon as we realize it, it becomes better and we can work on dissolving this reason. And then we can enjoy life again because this is what we are here for.

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