Harold Camping predicting Doomsday and cashing in on resulting Fear – 23 May 11


There were some people who were waiting the whole Saturday, the 21st May 2011, for something to happen. Doomsday, Judgment Day, a sorting out of those on earth into two groups – those who will join God and those who will remain on earth which will soon see its own end. The reason for this was the calculation of Harold Camping, an American Christian who hosts a radio show and predicted the ‘rapture’ for 21st May 2011 and the end of the world a few months later in October. But nothing like this happened and you all are reading my diary, still safe and sound here on earth.

Those who believed in Camping’s predictions were awaiting an earthquake, the strongest in history, which would be the beginning of the end. Many of them have spent all of their money, thinking that they will not need anything anymore after the 21st May 2011. So why save if the world will finish anyway? I have read about people who have spent their whole life’s savings on advertising the end of the world. Others have bought a house or safe place far off from anywhere where earthquakes are known to destroy the area. You can only imagine how devastated they all must be feeling now.

This is however not the first time that someone predicts the end of the world. It is not even the first time that Harold Camping himself predicts Doomsday. He did so in 1994 and it failed to become true then, too. Others have done it before and after him and until today people always woke up the next day, wondering why nothing happened to them.

What is amazing is that he still found so many people to listen to him and believe him! Other sources mentioned however that most of the people who work for him don’t believe in the prophesied Judgment Day. Not even is family believes in it. His 6 children, 28 grandchildren and 38 great-grandchildren reportedly don’t believe it. Only his wife agreed that on 21st May the world would finish.

I had several thoughts about this topic. One of them is that this idea is of course a Christian one, with the Bible telling that there will be a day when the world will finish, the apocalypse. Camping and many other such groups have said that on the day when the world will end, only real or true believers will ascend or meet God. The rest of people will remain on earth and God will destroy it. So you have to believe in Christianity and Jesus in order to be saved. I always wonder why these people don’t see that there are millions of people on this world who don’t know anything about Christianity. Will they all perish, because they are not ‘true believers’? I have read that several leaders have mentioned this as the reason why the world did not finish yet: there are not enough believers, you still have to spread the message and convince more people of it before the world will end.

In Hinduism there is actually nowhere written that the world will finish on a certain day and this is how religious groups who believe in Hinduism don’t announce such dates. There you will find the concept of reincarnation and thus many people who claim that they are an avatar, an incarnation of one of the Gods, proving with magic tricks that they really are divine.

In the end it very often comes down to someone making money out of other people’s belief. A lot of sect leaders have made a lot of money and I read that Harold Camping’s network is worth $120 million, having 66 radio stations in the US and is broadcasting online, too, in 61 languages. He did not give this all up on 21st May but already announced that he will try to find answers and announce them today, on Monday, in his radio show. Let’s see, maybe there will be another day, another date, another reason for people to panic, fear and await the end.

I always believe that anything that causes fear and makes people worried and afraid is not right. You should give people trust, faith, love and compassion.