Missing one Parent – Family Problems – 12 Jan 09


There was a girl with me for a healing session who told that she was sad because she didn’t know her father. When I asked her further, she told that she never saw her father, she only has a picture of him and there is no possibility to meet him any day of her life. When I heard that there is not any chance to meet him I told her that she needed to accept that in her life. Otherwise she would suffer forever. You are suffering but you cannot change it, so you need to accept it.

I told her that she could also see the positive side: there are so many children who do not have any parents. You have your mother, you can be happy and give your love to her. She can be father and mother for you. When you really feel inside yourself, you can notice that you are actually fine. You can be happy with your life, only when you compare yourself to others who have both parents you feel that you are missing something. Look at it in a positive way.

I also told her about all the young people who come to me and tell me about problems that they have with their father or mother. She should see how beautiful her relation with her mother was instead of missing a relation to her father which she never had and which might not be as nice as she imagines. Be positive, happy and thankful for what you have and who you are.?Today we came back to Germany and are in Essen now, with Noemi.

3 Replies to “Missing one Parent – Family Problems – 12 Jan 09”

  1. I agree. Sometimes I will think for awhile about things that I wish I had and when I get them they don’t have the kind of “magic” I imagined they would. Current happiness is more important.

  2. Good point, Swami Ji. Sometimes in life we need to appreciate what is good because we can waste tons of energy on thinking of everything that is bad. Maybe this girl will find an older male mentor, kind of like a surrogate father. Or maybe she will heal her heart and meet a husband some day. Life is hard, but it could always be worse…

  3. It is so lovely how you always see the positive in any story. It is true that we should all be more grateful for what we do have. Everyone is wishing for something more without appreciating what we already have.