Enlightenment Courses and Certificates – 10 Feb 08


Today a friend visited me with whom I had not been in contact for a long time. She is from Mainz. Yesterday she sent me a message that she had the idea of contacting me and had checked my website to see where on this globe I am. And I am in Wiesbaden, just in the neighbouring town! So she sent me a message and came to visit me today. She is a very lovely person.

I remember one time when I was in Belgium someone told me of an organization in India which was advertising for a course with their guru. The organization claimed that after a four weeks course with them you would be enlightened. The fees for this course were 5000 Dollar. They even had a money back guarantee. If you are not enlightened after this course you will get your money back. This commercial selling of enlightenment makes a strange feeling. Who will say after a four weeks course and after paying 5000 Dollar: "I am not enlightened yet." Every participant gets a certificate proving that he or she is enlightened. Then these people come back into the west and, as they spent a lot of money and would like to have some profit from their newly gained state of consciousness, they start giving enlightenment to others. That is how this business is going on. A real esoteric supermarket was created in this way.

I am not a guru and I am not trying to sell enlightenment. I am just your friend who wants to make a close connection of love and share this wonderful energy with you.

Note – This  fraud person announces himself God and is called Kalki Bhagavan. His wife is called Amma Bhagavan. See their wikipedia link. They have an organization called 'Oneness movement' and they give Deeksha. I have written about this the next day

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6 Replies to “Enlightenment Courses and Certificates – 10 Feb 08”

  1. This is funny, it is sad but true that there is a market for this kind of thing. I think many people are so organized in the west that they need to have an alotted time set aside for enlightenment, and it helps to have a price attached to something so that it can represent value to them in their lives….I would hope that more people would bring practice into their lives and not expect to become enlightened, even in this lifetime but to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

  2. I feel sorry for people who really buy into these things. And having a money back guarantee?? They must really brainwash people into thinking they are enlightened, or else they would be giving all the money back that they ever make. Enlightenment should almost not be a word on this planet. It is something we will reach after we leave earth for the last time and never come back.

  3. How can someone claim to sell something as powerful as enlightenment? How can people believe in this…how can they also say at the ends that have not received enlightenment at the end of the course…wouldn’t those who gave the course somehow coerce them into believing that they were enlightened, it all seems like a trap to me.