Sex Racket of fake Guru exposed – 27 Feb 10


Yesterday we saw TV news which is related to the topic which I am writing about: religion, religious leaders and gurus. I always say that we don’t need gurus and that there are many fake gurus.

Yesterday in Delhi a guru was arrested in his so-called spiritual centre together with six girls. This guru has Ashrams in many cities, preaching and giving discourses. However his main business is to run a sex racket. The police found out that he has more than 500 girls in his racket. They are not only Indian, also girls from other countries and he does business also out of India. He arranges it if someone needs company, be it for a short time or also longer like for a week trip. He calls himself a devotee of Sai Baba and officially travels with his spiritual activities. You can read more about this story on the news, it is a hot topic here at the moment:

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I always say how much corruption is in this religious business. I try to make people aware of what is going on. I feel sorry for those who have love for our ancient culture of India, those who feel connected with the beauty of this culture. When people like this guru do this kind of business with the cover of spirituality, it feels like violating the feelings and trust of others. You are hiding yourself behind names like guru, Swami, spiritual centre, Ashram and what will this do to this culture?

People will hear the word Ashram or hear about a Swami and think of prostitution, about money-collecting sects and other crimes. They will not even have the chance to get to know about the beauty of a community or family of a real Ashram. Those people who have been in this Swami’s programs and discourses did not know anything about his main business. What will they feel now? Will they turn away from their spirituality?

Of course, their trust is broken now, maybe they will not be able to enjoy any kind of spiritual event anymore. And I know there are so many fake gurus and Swamis and this is why I always say that you need to feel in your heart and see that you are your own guru.

India is such a spiritual country and this is why people are drawn to come here. All these charlatans destroy this feeling and this is what I feel very sorry about. If you are a real spiritual person, you should have the wish to help others and to support them on their spiritual path.

Today we had a wonderful day here with lots of fun. We played Holi with the kids and for that made colour by boiling flowers in water. It was great and all children enjoyed a lot!

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  1. How tragic. All my adult life I’ve witnessed many friends get caught up in the snares of false gurus. Strange as it may seem, it was always obvious to me that they were going down the wrong road. But it was no use trying to talk to them about it. They were convinced, and that was that. They had to go down that road and find out for themselves. But … See MoreI guess that’s true of a lot of kinds of foolish actions, like getting involved with people of bad character in one’s social life, getting hooked on drugs, alcohol, tobacco, excessive eating, etc. You may know and see clearly that they’re doing the wrong thing, but usually it seems there’s no point trying to talk to them or persuade them to do otherwise. They just have to go down those roads and find out for themselves. Then I suppose they will eventually choose good roads, after who knows how many lives of suffering and wrong decisions.

  2. As you say, I hope that spirituality is not ruined for the victims of these guru scandals. There are so many more beautiful ashrams, activities, and people out there to be involved with that help support true spiritual growth. I just hope that these victims are not lost for too long without a path.
    I love this photo! Looks very fun 😀