A Business Idea: Reconnecting Souls that Split Apart – 30 Jul 10


Everybody is free to believe whatever he or she wants. This is the beauty of this world – we all are different. One may believe in souls while the other one doesn't and some people can even believe in spirits talking to them. What I do not like though is when there is someone who makes this his business and spreads fear to increase his or her business. Then it is not about any belief anymore and then there is not any tolerance for other people’s belief either.

Some people believe in ghosts, which means that when a person dies his soul does not leave this world but it stays on earth. If a person tells others that there are ghosts that haunt you and create problems for you, I believe he just wants to make others afraid. If he sells his remedy on top of it, I am sure that he has business in the mind and not really the well-being of others.

Another belief is that your soul can be split into parts and this happens always when you have a traumatic experience like an accident, being raped, divorce of your parents, a family member to whom you were very close and who died. Allegedly there are people who can get these soul parts back for you but of course you pay for it. They are the ones who unite your soul again and only then you are complete. All your problems are related to the fact that you are missing parts of your soul. Even if you cannot remember any traumatic experience, it is very convenient for those who do this business that everybody has at least one of them: your birth. So even if there is nothing else wrong in your life, you definitely miss one soul part! At least one session you have to take!

I just don’t believe that there is any such mysterious thing in you which can harm you or which can split in parts that you then miss. Again I have to say that I simply believe in love – that's it!

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  1. I believe in love and that love can heal you… I also believe that our source is love and our substance is love and as it is true for me it is true for everyone else also.

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