Did not Have any Traumatic Experiences? – Invent Them! – 31 Jul 10


Yesterday I told about the separation of different soul parts that some people believe in and others advertise because it is their business to unite these parts again. The idea is that whenever something tragic happens, a little piece of your soul is torn away from it. They say that the shock tears your soul in two pieces. This event can obviously be anything from a shock like an accident to a sad moment like the separation from a partner.

I already said yesterday that everybody has at least one of these experiences which is the birth. So it is good for those healers, they definitely can ask you to come one more time. And then they will ask you again if you don’t have another traumatic experience because they can seemingly feel that the soul is not complete. Even if you cannot think of one yourself, you will get many ideas and suggestions of experiences that were so tragic that you might have forgotten them.

It is as if they are presented to you in a showcase: you were an unwanted child, you had a very loving father but one time he hit you and you suppressed the memory, you had a best girlfriend once but she moved away and you erased her from your memory and many more cases to choose from. Even if you say that you were surely never raped, the other person might reply that you were sexually abused by your babysitter but too young to remember. How would you know? If you never had a babysitter, I am sure that so-called therapist will invent another horror-story that could have shaken your soul.

In each of these cases your soul gets a shock and a part of it remains there, torn away from the rest. Sometimes, when it was very bad, even two or more parts are left behind. Doesn’t that sound sad? Of course you would like to have your soul-parts back! And you would even agree to go to that healer each time and pay a lot of money for it, right?

You wonder perhaps from where I know all of this but I have heard many of these stories, from different people and about different people. It happens again and again in similar ways with different people.

It is sad that some people like to play with the fear of others. Please try to realize when there is someone who tells you this kind of stories and when you are getting more and more afraid, that this person is not doing any good for you! I think you were happier before, right? It is a very different feeling when you have someone who gives you love, who helps you through compassion and being with you. In this love you can heal, fear cannot heal you.

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  1. Swami-read your post on traumatic experiences and absolutely agree. I worked as a therapist and know how easy it is for the client or therapist to invent these episodes. The whole idea of the “unconscious” I find very suspicious. It’s our conscious actions that count.

  2. In reply to soul reuniting urgently needed. It is not possible for a soul to be shattered into lots of pieces; catching each a brief glimpse or taste of our soul and it’s immense love and power will confirm that.However, what can happen after an extreme traumatic experience is that a “crack” for want of a better description, will form and this can be healed in minutes, yes minutes!, by going into deep meditation, asking to connect with God, or pure love, and asking for this trauma, “crack”, to heal. Your part in this is to witness in whatever form your mind conveys to you the healing taking place.
    A form of healing/therapy that does this is Theta Healing, which I practise, but I believe that because of the simplicity of this method (that is learning how to hand the healing over to Source/God/All That Is) it is in all of us to have ability to allow this healing to take place.
    Allow the healing to come through you not by you.
    I too have a problem with therapists and healers who tell the client stuff that the client had no previous awareness of and may not actually be true.
    Whatever arises in a session should come from the infinite wisdom of the client themselves, at most therapists can offer suggestions.
    Also most of the trauma of a painful birth (or any other traumatic event) is stored in our body and unconscious mind, this needs to be released also before true healing can be found.

  3. In therapy sessions the more we can take a client out of their head and the stories they hold about events and into where the energy of emotion is held in the body the less likely it is that false memories will arise.Also the less likely that therapists can have a chance to comment on happenings.
    As to suspicions about the unconconscious – our unconscious or subconscious mind is vast! Our conscious mind can hold on average 7 things at any one time but our unconscious holds about 10 billion to the power of ten and counting… different bits of information.
    It is the storehouse of every single thing that’s ever occured or been learned in our lives. It governs our physical responses and strange behaviours and attitudes and actions can leak out no matter how much we may consciously try to control them.
    The more we know about, and more importantly release, from our unconscious that’s painful or uncomfortable the more control we have over ensuring our conscious actions are kind or loving.
    I hope I don’t come accross as lecturing in these comments but healing the psyche as part of our spiritual growth is something I am completely passionate about and dedicated to and I feel there is too much disempowering information and practices out there.

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