Showing off Spirituality and Religion – 9 Feb 10


I said yesterday that some people like to show off spirituality and even religion. Why would you do that, for what? Let’s see again the example of going for shopping with your mala in your hand and while you are saying your mantras you choose something to buy and wear.

So why exactly did you take your mala? Okay, if you told me you want to pray on the way to the shop because you have to walk for half an hour to reach there, I would understand that you took your mala for praying on the way. However why don’t you put it away when you enter the shop? Is it because you want all the other people in the store to know that you are spiritual or religious? Why do you need to show that off?

I sometimes have the impression that especially the ‘spiritual tourists’ that are coming to India have the feeling that they need to show everyone that they are spiritual. However if you are really comfortable with yourself and your spirituality, you don’t need to let others know about it all the time. I anyway don’t think that you need to convince others of what you believe. It is your thing, your belief and if they ask you can talk about it but if nobody asks, if you are just going to the market to go shopping just like everybody else, it is okay if you just do it in the way that others do it, too.

Isn’t that your ego saying that you want the shopkeeper to notice that you are different, that you are devoted and connected to God? Do you think they would think better of you then? Does that make the others less spiritual because they are not praying while shopping?

Spirituality is something very personal and individual. You don’t need to connect with a sect or join a group for living your spirituality. Unfortunately you nowadays have to make this comparison of deeply felt spirituality and show-off spirituality. Be natural about your spirituality. This means that if you really have this feeling of love and devotion, then pray. Or take your time to only pray to get back into this feeling. Don’t do things by halves. Fully be in your prayer, in your meditation.

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  1. Some people find joy in spiritual practice, great joy and then loose this joy or find that they can no longer enjoy it because their ego has used their wisdom to grow. Their identity becomes based on the idea that they are wise and spiritually advanced. When this happens they can no longer be spiritually advanced. The ego loves to say “I understand something that you all do not.” If you wish for joy, love, peace, compassion….if you really wish for those things, they will happen. Wishing for these things so that you may be viewed as spiritual is not a genuine wish.

  2. I agree with this post! I find it kind of funny when people have to announce their spiritual devotion. When I see Westerners in India, a lot of times they adopt every physical identification of Hinduism they can, just to show others that they are believers.But true spiritual practice is something very deep. Everyone has their own specific place inside where they connect to god, and this can’t really be explained or showed to others. And spirituality isn’t something to be shown off, only the ego thinks so.

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