Healing Past Lives – a Good Business – 9 Jun 09


Yesterday we were sitting and talking with Sonja and her husband. Sonja told that many people are very confused about energy work and we talked about how many people use this confusion to make business. We were thinking also about those who go to them and we came again to the topic that some people say they are doing work with past lives.

When someone goes to them they say ‘I will heal your past life. You have a problem in this life because of your past life. You were this in your past life and you did that to another person and that person did this to you!’ We started laughing about it that they can say anything because there is no proof for this kind of thing. When they don’t know any solution for a problem and cannot find the reason, they find a reason in past life. And you cannot argue about it because there is no proof that it was not like this.

But instead of looking into the present life, still many people then believe when they are told ‘For this problem you need to come for a session, I will heal your past life.’ So many people are still going there. They are told ‘I am a medium, a channel’. That is how they can say anything, there is no proof. You will always hear very fascinating stories from these people.

Then Sonja said ‘I think that many people don’t make a difference in between this work and your work. They come and think that you also heal past lives and things like that.’ I said to her that when these people get to know me they usually go away because they see that we cannot go along with each other. Yes, it happened, people came in this way but then they are disappointed that I do not play this theatre. And this is how they go away from me.

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  1. If you feel very stuck and confused, if you feel that you suffer very much and you see many people around you with the same struggles and unhappiness would you trust them to heal you? Would they know anything about healing if they are not healed themselves? What is your interest in wealth? What is your interest in power or other such things? Your goal will be to feel better. Your goal is to have relief from suffering. Does it make sense then to trust the rich over the happy, the powerful over the happy. Of course not. Do you sense peace behind the eyes of your guru. If they are, like you, unhappy, what could they know that you do not.

  2. Business is business. Many religious groups use business tactics, but many businesses also flaunt religion as a way to snag customers. Religion and business- a match made in heaven.

  3. We should neither live in the past nor in the future. We should enjoy here and now as much as we can, because we don’t know what happened in past lives and we also won’t be able to find out, what will come. So, why spend money for healing past lives or let a fortuneteller create our future?

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