Psychic Powers? Prove it! – 2 Dec 09


Yesterday I said that that there are many people who became healers just like over night and they often announce that they have special and extra abilities. Here I am not talking about a very sensitive heart which can feel with the pain of someone and thus understand him. This is not what they say, no, they talk about supernatural powers. Of course, because it has to be something that another person doesn’t have, something that not everybody can do.

I have once personally heard someone saying to me: ‘Swami Ji, do you know that I am psychic? I know what is going on and I can read thoughts. I have this special ability.’ In this kind of situation I prefer to remain silent and not to reply. However I can challenge any person who claims that he or she has a paranormal ability to read my mind to try exactly this. I will make sure that everyone knows what I am thinking: I will write down my thoughts on a paper and put it aside and ask them to tell me what I was thinking. So there is no way of cheating, I write it down a third person can read it and the ‘psychic’ can tell what I thought.

I don’t believe in this. There are people whose feelings show clearly on their face and after some talk while watching them you can guess what they are thinking. And of course you can know what your beloved is thinking because you are so tuned with each other that your mind travels the same paths. But I do not believe that without that you are able to know what a strange person, someone whom you just met, is thinking. It is a very interesting topic and in the next days I will write more about it.

2 Replies to “Psychic Powers? Prove it! – 2 Dec 09”

  1. I agree,the ego lovers to be seen to be different,the true siddha acknowledges the powers that may mainfest, but humbly pays little attention to them, as they are a distraction to self realisation.

  2. I have always been skeptic of psychic, always thought that eir words were clever ploys to fool the paying customer…but at the same time it’s sometimes nice to believe in what they say only because they tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear…which isn’t helpful in most cases.