Fake Business of Healing Past Lives – 14 Feb 09


A woman came to me for a healing session and said “Oh, Swami ji, I feel that when I see your photo or I see you, we have met in a past life. Do you also believe this?” I answered her, I believe in past lives and reincarnation and maybe we met but it is not important for me what happened in the past because I want to live in the presence. For me it is more important that we are meeting today and now. I want to see the moment now.

Then we were talking and I told her many people do this business with the announcement “Heal your past life”. I do not approve of their work. They are very good story tellers and will pick up some information from you and will try to create a story that suits and from that would like to tell you what was wrong and where it is wrong. They will try to create fear and then heal your past life. Actually this is their business and they earn money from that.

People who are confused and do not trust themselves, who don’t have confidence in themselves, they go to these people. They want someone to tell them a reason for everything. They go to storytellers of past lives and to clairvoyants who tell the future in the name of a spirit. But please be aware of those people who create fear of the past and those who make promises for the future. Nobody in the world can tell the future.

This was also a topic today in our ‘Law of Healing’ seminar. Michael, Yashendu, Ramona and I went to the seminar room in the morning and we had a wonderful day with the Law of Healing. We finished at six o’clock and at eight o’clock we started the Valentine’s Day Chakra Dance Party. We had a great atmosphere and after this long day and the dance in the night, we are very tired. I will also go to bed now because tomorrow we will start the second day of the seminar in the morning.

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  1. I do not know how to say what I am thinking. But what I think is clear to me. Your awareness knows more than your thinking. And what it knows is not connected to belidf.

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