Nithyananda’s new Abracadabra: Unsuccessfully trying to make people levitate – 27 Jul 11


I recently got in touch with a former devotee of Nithyananda. She wrote her experience in an article which she published as author on our website. Her name is Bawaani and she is from Malaysia. She described her story with Nithyananda, how she first believed in him but with the sex scandal last year lost all faith in him. She had been very engaged in the Ashram activities in Malaysia and had brought her family to attend programs and engage themselves there, too. She has seen the truth and reality and broke away but her family is still devoted which makes her feel guilty. There is a turmoil of feelings for people like her, who had a strong belief and who were disappointed.

Since the scandal broke last year, many of Nithyananda’s followers have left him. They were mainly upset about his sexual engagement with many women although he claimed to live in celibacy. With some distance they realized however that his claims of being able to perform miracles were not based on reality but only fake.

Some time ago I wrote about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who fooled the world with his claim that people could levitate if they followed his meditation technique, the Transcendental Meditation. And just some days ago I saw the video which you see below where you can see Nithyananda trying to sell the same idea to his followers! This trick is really very old and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has made a lot of cash with it. Now Nithyananda also makes people levitate. Didn’t he find anything new to make cash with?

I have read before that he always used to take bits and pieces like wise words from other gurus and made his own wisdom out of it. What he is doing in this video however, trying to make others fly, seems to me like a street magician failing in his tricks. I remember the street magicians in my childhood, who were standing on the way to school. They always had a little crowd of maybe 20 people gathered around them, watching as they did their tricks, shouting ‘Abracadabra!’ They always got a few rupees for their entertainment and because people knew that they were poor and had to do this for a living. Nithyananda waves his hand and blows some air to the other person as if he would put a spell and ‘Abracadabra’, the other one should fly. Unfortunately they don’t. The difference is that he is not standing on the street for his magic show but is sitting on his throne. You might wonder however if he had to start doing such tricks for a living.

The media took these videos and made fun of them, calling it ‘Nithyananda’s flop comedy show’. He and his followers thus went and sued them for defamation and making fun of these holy techniques. At the same time they sued the TV channel that published the video that led to his scandal in the last year, saying that it is morphed although forensic reports already proved that it is really Nithyananda in the video.

Of course having sex does not make a Guru fake but what about lying and manipulating several women and changing statements when asked about it? Once I was in Samadhi, once I was experimenting, another time I was ill, then I forgot what happened, I have erectile dysfunction or I am celibate and this all cannot be real. This hypocritical person teaches celibacy and at the same time makes followers sign a sex contract on the name of Tantra.

Many people have left him like the girl who wrote her experiences to us. Others however are still there and I just don’t understand why they stay with him. After seeing this drama, how come they can still sit there and believe in him?

I actually had pity with him last year and advised him to leave this fake guru business, to go and get married, lead a normal life and enjoy it. Then he wouldn’t need to care about public opinion anymore, just lead an honest life and be happy. The point is however that he cannot leave this life. He is a cheater. You can see this from his faked birthdate until his recent levitation attempts. Maybe one woman is not enough for him and as a guru he can have many. Or it is the money in this business that attracts him. Be that as it may, he will not come out of this illusion and will keep on trying to attract people to follow him.

At the moment he is still out on bail and his trial will continue. We hope he will get the right treatment for his actions and wrongdoing. I am writing about these things again, just to spread the message and to make people aware so that innocent people won’t be cheated anymore. When searching for a picture for this purpose, we were at a loss as to what to put. This is how I volunteered to dress up as a magician to illustrate our point. The picture above is the result.

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  1. I know that levitation itself is a very old idea in Hinduism, but isn’t the hopping while cross- legged a new invention by the Maharishi and now revived by Nithyananda, or does hopping while cross- legged also precede them? (My log- in here now works fine again, by the way.)

  2. Wonderful picture Swami ji! I nearly started flying away in front of my screen! :)Well, it is strange but people who are in that kind of movement have a distorted point of view on their masters and I am sure they don’t believe anything from the things the media revealed. Of course, you can always take 40% off the news that is broadcasted, knowing that media always wants to dramatize, but even with the remaining 60% it is enough to say goodbye to this kind of master.

  3. I just had a blast of laughter when watching this video, he is such a funny man. He honestly should be doing this kind of comedy show for entertaining people. For very sure he will be successful with all his drama and the dramatic people around him, including foreigners. Swami ji, I would to say one truth about this religious and spiritual community and I am sure you know this as you have been Swami for so many years but I did not hear you ever speaking about it. I would be happy to hear your opinion about it. There are so many religious & spiritual people who are sexually sick or oriented on religious sex or spiritual sex, always looking for an opportunity to have sexual encounters with a religious or spiritual person. It doesn’t matter whether they are men or women, both have the same desires and ideas. In India many Swamis and Gurus have sex with many women and nobody ever gets to know about it. I know one woman in our neighbourhood who was very religious and always invited many Swamis to her home, organizing their programs. I know she had sexual relations with many of them.
    To me it seems they fulfill both desires, sexual and religious/spiritual. They seem to think that they get the essence of the Swami or Guru’s religious or spiritual enlightenment through their manhood and reaching to orgasm together with such a holy, religious and spiritual man gives them complete satisfaction. They achieve something extraordinary in their belief. They think or even say “Oh, my Swami or Guru, thank you for pouring such holy meditative and powerful bliss inside me! I feel enlightened now!” As you said, why are people still with Nityananda? it seems to me that this is a very big reason behind it. He have masses of women and very few men because they all know of his activity and they are also involved in this. They want the same thing, so why they would say that he is wrong? They are doing the same thing but never want it to be public as they themselves are cheaters. This is what my opinion is about all the followers who are still following this fake guru.

  4. Hahahahah great one I cant stop laughing … just made my day with this funny Clip : ))) definitely I will share this one :D:D:D Funny, I really cant take him seriously … to me he is just a JOKE!GREAT picture of you :))) like it very much 🙂

  5. It’s funny that he needed to sue people in order to hide his little magic tricks. Suing people doesn’t sound very spiritual or magical.
    I think you can believe in the magic that only you can create… then you will know if it’s real. Believe in miracles for yourself and you can make them happen. But no one else has powers over you.

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