Increasing Energy with Electric Machines? – 10 Dec 09


When we are talking about things that people assume I believe in, I need to mention one more topic. I have seen many times that people have machines which increase the energy level of things and people. They have created a little gadget with electricity or magnetism with some wires and lights and then they hold it towards someone and see how much energy he or she has and if they switch the button from off to on, the little magic box releases its energy.

I maybe need to disappoint some people but I actually don’t believe in this. For me, energy is love, how can you measure love and more importantly, how do you think this machine can store love? A little box of wires and with a little light or a few buttons? Where does it get the energy from? And if you tell me now that you have to put it in a full moon night on a dry place in the garden so that it charges, I tell you that if you sit out there yourself you will get more from it!

Don’t get confused by this kind of fake science. It is good that science now starts talking about energy and that scientists start researching more in this direction but here, too, many people would like to do business and have some ideas for doing that.

Today’s food was sponsored again and the children, who are now in the middle of their half-yearly exams, enjoyed having lunch together, happy that today’s tests were over.

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  1. Haha, this is a silly idea. I don’t doubt that it gives you “energy” of some sort… but you’d be just as well standing in front of a microwave and receiving it’s energy! You can’t just receive energy of any frequency and expect it to change you somehow. You’d be better off envisioning beautiful light energy entering your body.
    I had the same reaction when I sad ads for this new workout device… it’s an abdominal “toner” that electrically shocks your muscles so they twitch. Over time, these shock waves causing small contractions are said to give you 6-pack abs. You might as well just be a robot! Create your own energy!

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