Psychics need Psychotherapists – 7 Dec 09


Yesterday I wrote that many people have this ego problem that they even invent some special powers or abilities that nobody else has. And I said often that people who work as healers like to create fear first and then heal it.

Often they tell great stories of past lives, of ghosts and of more beings that they mostly invent or which they read about or saw on TV. And why do they make these great stories? Because they have to make their clients feel important, too! They will make them feel that they, too, are someone better, greater or just simply different than the others. They tell that they were some popular king’s secret lover in a past life who was murdered viciously or that they are being attacked by some kind of bad beings which only feel attracted by their energy. Another way is to tell them that some black magician is attacking them psychically. And of course they are the ones who can heal this.

Well, I think if you have read the last days’ diary entries you will know what I think about this. I don’t believe that any psychic can attack you, that is either your fear or an excuse. This can be cured, just with love.

I admire more the psychiatrist and psychotherapist than any psychic and think that people who claim that they are psychic need the help of a psychologist. I think everybody is a healer because everybody has the love inside himself to heal. I believe we all are unique but we all are one.

Why do you search in the outside for a reason to be special? Please see that your love inside your heart makes you special. Everybody has this love, there is no better or bigger love, it is the same but it is special. Don’t let anybody make you afraid and most of all, love yourself!

2 Replies to “Psychics need Psychotherapists – 7 Dec 09”

  1. I am often amazed by what peopel believe, but I am not suprised that they believe in psychics. To me it is not that far from believing in any religion. Maybe it seems disrespectful for me to say that, but I honestly feel myself pulled towards religion and psychics for the same reasons. and then i just choose neither of them because they would get in the way of my happiness.

  2. I think that a lot of psychologic problems can be the result of a missing inner harmony. this harmony then again might be the love, that every person is able to give to herself and also to others. love connects in every respect and love has the ability, more than every psychiatrist will ever have, to heal the soul, the body and the mind.

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