Removing Soul Parts and other Ways of Telling that you are not Responsible – 11 Jun 09


Once I have been told about some certain traditions in which there are also healers. And people go to them with a problem like they are not successful and don’t know why or their life is going in a wrong way and they feel it or something similar, in short, they feel something is wrong and want to ask this healer what the reason is. And the answer is something like ‘I can see there are fifteen souls in your aura, they are sucking your energy and that is why you are in this situation. I will remove them one by one. You can come next week, and then we remove the first soul.’

The problem of most of the people who like to go there is that they do not want to take responsibility for their life. They are looking for someone to blame that they are not successful or that things are not going the way they want. And when they are told that it is not their fault, they feel good.

Someone told me that many people do this work in the name of certain traditions. I am actually not at all against these traditions because I know that they talk about love among people. But I am against of it, if people tell me these stories about the aura and eighteen souls in it which have to be taken out one by one. After all these seminars and sessions then people feel, it is anyway not their responsibility what happens in their life.

I don’t like this kind of manipulation. In this way it is the same thing like what we were talking about in the last days. Creating fear as business. You need to take responsibility for your life. And don’t afraid. You are taken care of, life is beautiful. The most important thing is this: you should be honest with your heart and with your life. Then everything will be fine.

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  1. Taking responsibility for my life in this way can feel like a large task or an impossible feat, but only while I am not doing it. Once it happens, problems become simple and addressable and I find what I’ve been looking for outside of myself.

  2. I wonder if these people feel any different after having the “souls removed”? If so, it goes to show how powerful the mind is when it wants to believe something. I like what Jeremy (above) said: Taking responsibility of your life only seems difficult before you try it. And once you are in control, you find what was missing all along… your respectful relationship with yourself.

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