Magic Healing, Writing with Ghosts and more Cheating – 12 Jun 09


I heard from somebody that some people even claim that they can make statues bleed. I said ‘why do they only make them bleed, can they make the pee, too?’ It is so funny that people go to them. How come people believe in these fake things? Because they are looking for a miracle. They want to change their lives like magic. And this is why they always expect magic.

I know that people also turned away from me when they got to know that I do not believe in this kind of wonder. I believe in wonderful love. I do not appreciate it when people claim to do this kind of miracles or wonders.

I have seen healers who always have a group of people with them like a theatre group. Wherever they go, the members of the group go, too. Depending on the status of the healer, the size of the group is between 10 to 1500 people. They have a full setup. These group members go to a program in wheelchairs and on crutches, sit in the audience at different places and when the healer comes to them and ‘heals’ them, a miracle happens and they start leaving their wheelchair and their crutches and walk through the room, displaying the greatest amazement and wonder about this miracle. It is impressive for the rest of the audience and later on the whole group will move on to another place, just like a circus.

I was on a fair and especially on these occasions you meet so many people like this. You also hear from some who say that spirits are working for them. On the name of this spirit they do everything and it is very easy: you are not responsible and have a good excuse for everything. I even heard people claim that a spirit wrote a book through them. And this is very good, the spirit has done the work and the profit of selling it goes to them. I know what I am talking about. Some people come from India, some are from here and they create doubts and confusion in other people’s minds. I know also that they don’t like me and don’t wish me well. But I will say what I feel. For people, for honesty and for love.

2 Replies to “Magic Healing, Writing with Ghosts and more Cheating – 12 Jun 09”

  1. I can’t believe people involved in these circuses don’t end up revealing the truth about their fake guru leader. I, personally, couldn’t live lies like this, having people believe we were creating healing energy in such a phony way. There really is healing energy out there… but not in this fashion.