Is Swami Vishwananda responsible for separating a loving couple? - 18 May 11

Last week I got an email from a woman from Poland, asking me for help with some questions that she had on her mind. Her boyfriend broke up with her in a way that hurt her very much. It was not however another woman or a big fight in between them that brought him to this decision. It was his guru, Swami Vishwananda.

It is normal to obey the guru’s orders and this is how she asked me the following:

“My question – is it ok to set apart people if you do not know them at all? Is it not a kind of black tantra the guru is using to manipulate people? Or is it ok and it was my destiny to be away from the loved one?”

When writing, the woman was afraid that I may be friends with this Swami and that I would not be able to help her or would not even believe her. I have however made it clear on my blog several times that I am not in favour of gurus, masters and people who would like to be gurus. Whenever they, who want to be followed or also those who want to follow, read my opinion and view of things, they don’t have the wish to be in touch with me. And of course, if I hear about such gurus, their tricks and more stories, I also don’t feel like meeting them or becoming friends.

Actually I don’t know Swami Vishwananda personally. A few years ago I heard about him from one of the people who used to go to him. She showed me a golden pendant that he had materialized for her. You all know that I don’t believe in materializations and when I heard that he does this kind of tricks, I had no interest in getting to know much more about him.

So you see, I don’t really know Swami Vishwananda but I was moved by the story of this woman and got inspired by her love to write today’s diary entry. You can read her story here.

You can hear often that sect members and followers of such gurus break all bonds with their family and friends. They are told that those people who raised them, with whom they grew up and with whom they usually spend their time are not pure, not good enough, following a wrong way and disturbing their progress on their spiritual way.

The aim of the guru or sect leader is clear: he doesn’t want other people to influence this person. They could talk against him, his philosophy and his teachings. In this way the guru avoids any such kind of criticism. Otherwise how would the followers devote their whole time and life to him, the guru or the sect? There are many people who in this way just break any relation they had and just work for their guru or sect without getting paid, giving everything they have to their new master.

To answer the first question, whether it is okay to set apart people, I have to say that it is not at all okay to separate partners. We should try to bring people together, to connect them. I think this is one of the most horrible things that you can do: to create problems in between couples and in their love. So many gurus claim that they are spreading the message of love but instead they destroy relationships and hurt the hearts of relatives and partners. I would like to ask Swami Vishwananda to please help bringing two souls together.

Further I was asked whether he was doing black tantra in order to manipulate his followers. I actually don’t believe that anybody has any special powers to manipulate others. Many innocent people get afraid by strange activities that their guru or master shows them and performs. With tricks they get the trust of their followers that they have supernatural powers which can do good but also bad. Their followers think they can give them blessing but they can as well harm them. This all is fake. Please believe me, this is not true. There is no black tantra which can harm you or make you lose your willpower. These gurus use tricks to create fear and use this effect to manipulate people. In reality however they don’t have any superpower. They are manipulating but not with any great power but with their talk, their stories and tricks around rituals and ceremonies. If you don’t decide to believe them, they have no power over you.

I will finish and conclude with the answer to the last question: “is it ok and it was my destiny to be away from the loved one?” My dear, Swami Vishwananda is not the one to decide about your destiny. Nobody knows his own destiny or the destiny of another person. Our destiny is in our hands.

I wish you all the best and lots of love in your life.

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  1. Deniz

    I always like your posts exposing fake gurus. Before I started reading your posts, I already had a very independent and free-thinking spiritual outlook, but in the 16 months since I’ve been reading them, you’ve helped move me to an even more independent outlook, and to understanding that the best spirituality is beyond all religions and gurus. The best guru is within us all, and through certain kinds of yoga, we can get in touch with that. Good teachers and traditions of knowledge as with any other subject can help and point the way, but they should never be considered middle men or rigid canons between oneself and Spirit, or else they become obstacles rather than helpers. In my view, the most progressive spirituality is beyond all religions and gurus.

  2. Swami Balendu

    Dear Deniz, Thank you for your comment and approving. I also think the same. As you know I am not against Gurus per se and I have full faith, love and respect for great spiritual souls. But the experience of these days brought me to the thinking that these fake gurus on the name of religion and God only cheat people and are interested to get more power and money, to have big property, bank balance and a big organization. And that’s why I think why do we need any middleman or agent to connect to God? Or why do we need any specific religion and certain type of rituals to please God? I think God is Love and wants only Love and he gets pleased by Love not by rituals and money. And God doesn’t have any religion. Religion is made by man not by God. Nice to feel the Love and connection of friendship with you.

  3. Peter

    It is sad to see how so many people are stuck in such situations, in between the ones they love. Because they love their guru, too! They are like children who cannot decide whether mummy is right or daddy. They don’t really mean to hurt mummy by going with Daddy but they don’t have any choice – or so they think! We need to make them aware that it is only their own decision!

  4. Mike Kihntopf

    In the end was it not the choice of the one receiving the order that made the choice to alter their destiny?

  5. Swami balendu

    You are right Mike. Of course it was his choice but putting someone in this position of having to make this choice is not right in my opinion. Love

  6. Suvendrie Moodley

    Thank you for this article – I do know of some of the indepth details of this unfortunate experience that this young woman had owing to vishwananda’s interference – there have been many others who have been subjected to all kinds of abuse by this false swami and it is heartening to see any action to hold him as well as his circle accountable and ensure that people (especially women) remain safe in their pursuit of wisdom and a loving state of being. It is a great thing to embark on a spiritual journey and no one should be discouraged from doing so because of those who are malpractising such as vishwananda and his supporters which include mother meera and padma ananda/vishnudeva.

    I am a Violet Flame healer and also do write on spirituality which includes information to ensure that people are “streetwise” so to speak on their path to God.

    Suvendrie Moodley

  7. Emily

    It is very unfortunate that people put themselves in situations where they are controlled by others. Whether or not this couple was meant to stay together, the choice to break up was in the hands of the man, not the guru. When people overcome their fear of being themselves, then no one can control them. If this man sought truth instead of fear, he and only he could be to blame for the break up. Yes it is sad that many gurus manipulate their power by using fear to control others. But it is up to us to be strong in our own souls and know what the truth is for us– about relationships, spirituality, everything!

  8. Suvendrie Moodley

    One thing to add and to be highlighted along with the malpractice and abuse is that serious race related concerns also exist with Vishwananda and that he promotes the interests specifically of the “white” community that he chooses to take inspiration from. What has come to my attention is that he is specifically anti Tamil as well as anti those from the various “black” communities. He may have had a few token followers from these communities but he and his group of “friends” are looking to advance their interests with the “white” community for material gain in various ways as he assumes possible!

  9. Tricia

    I wonder what reason this Guru gave for the couple to split up, was there harm in their relationship or was it unhealthy in anyway? Either way if there was nothing wrong with the relationship apart from the normal relstional issues,what right had the guru to say they should break up if the couple did not go to them in the first place and ask for his advice. Otherwise it is completely without reason and does not make sense.

  10. Rajesvari

    Yes, Swami Vishwananda is totally capable of manipulating feelings in others.His favorite pastime is manipulating the feelings of perfectly heterosexual young men. He turns them into obsessive homosexuals. It is a demonic siddhi, or power, which was attained from performing sexual acts with Satya Sai Baba, which he himself did when he was a child.
    If one sleeps with a yogi, and the yogi happens to like them, they may transfer their siddhis or powers….Where do they get them to begin with?
    It is stated in the Vedic texts that yogis often get their powers from making sacrifices to Lord Siva or Kali. In days of old, blood sacrifices were made to Kali in the form of animal sacrifices of even child sacrifices. Or one could perform an austerity to Lord Siva and obtain a boon. There is more written on the subject in the book entitled the “Seventh Goswami,” by Bhakti Vinod Thakur. In the book, Bhakti Vinod cites a yogi who was capable of seducing all the young women in the village. He stored his powers in his hair. When the magistrate in India heard of this, he arrested him and cut his hair. The yogis powers left and peace in the village was restored. Perhaps someone should cut Vishwananda’s hair and see what happens…it would be a fun experiment, wouldn’t it?
    He has destroyed the lives of so many people, it would be a small price for him to pay for what he’s done.

  11. Karoly

    I read some blog notes from sexual scandals on your blog site.And I also read a blog from Vishwananda (on another site), which mentions a number of abuses.
    This is it:
    (I didn’t answer my email from owner of this blog I sent to Him)

    I would like to very respectfully addressed a question to him:
    Do you know any people in the United States and the United Kingdom (or anywhere) who have personal experience with the sexual and financial abuses of the swami.
    I really want to pick up a relationship with them and read their reports immediately.
    I highly essential to make the facts.

    Thank you so much for you.

    Kind regards
    Károly (Charles​)​

    PS: I apologize may poor english knowledge.

  12. Goura

    I know a guru like this in Vienna. He is very well known to break up relationships between partners. His name is Bhakti Sadak Muni Maharaj. He failed his married life twice, now he thinks that everyone should reject married life and come to surrender to him. So disgusting. I am telling this because I have lived there for several years and saw all these happened in front of my eyes. He cannot tolerate couples. He always has someone whom he holds as his best man. This is because he has lots of benefits from them. he chews them, squeezes them as much as possible and then they become useless at some point. People can do everything on God’s name. Beware!

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