Kripalu and Prakashanand Involved in Sexual Abuse, Groping and Rape – 29 Oct 10


Yesterday I heard news which will be interesting for everybody who saw how many fake gurus have been exposed in the course of the last year. They have been tricking and cheating and, most disgusting of all, having sex with many different people sometimes including minors or forced intercourse and rape.

There is a guru who has recently built an enourmous temple out of white marble here in Vrindavan, spending millions of Rupees that his followers and disciples donated. Funnily enough he still has many followers although there have been court cases against him, charging him with rape in several different countries. His name is Jagadguru Kripalu and he is over eighty years old.

This is not the man whom the news was about, though. Kripalu has many disciples who all travel throughout the world, collecting money and doing the same business. The news was about one of these disciples, Prakashanand Saraswati, who seems to follow the footsteps of his guru very precisely and managed to get his passport confiscated in America. This news attracted my attention especially because both, Kripalu and his devotee Prakashanand are from Vrindavan, my hometown from where I am writing, too. Prakashanand himself has been accused of sexual indecencies with children and should have been in front of an American court in the beginning of this year because another two young women filed a case against him for groping them in the nineties. They were teenagers in that time and Prakashanand allegedly laid his hands on them indecently several times while they were in his Ashram in the south of Austin, Texas.

He was even arrested but a guru with a big pocket can also pay a one million dollar bail. A guru with disciples can even do more! When his passport was confiscated for the first time, a devotee from California pledged ten million dollars as a guarantee that the dirty guru would come back for his trial even if they gave him his passport. And the man got his passport back.

Unfortunately until now the trial could not begin as his lawyers kept on finding excuses for him. His health was too frail, he was fragile and weak after a lower back surgery in India – not too weak to travel around in the following months, visiting several festivals in India and even travelling overseas. When the judges got to know however that he even came back to the USA, giving programs and collecting money, they decided that enough was enough – they confiscated his passport again finally making it impossible for him to leave the country again before his trial.

Do you see what is happening? These are old, rich men who caught others in the illusion of an extraordinary spiritual experience, believing that they are divine. Their disciples bring them gold, money and even their daughters and sons in the belief they get great blessings. Who still thinks that these men are spiritual, enlightened or in any way better than a common man groping young girls?

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  1. If the allegations are true, what a couple of pathetic losers these gurus are, willing to give up their divine inheritance so they can have some moments of ego-body-power thrills. I’ve seen this kind of thing many times before, and just as disgusting to see it often so easily excused as “crazy wisdom” – wise behavior beyond ordinary human understanding – by brainwashed disciples.

  2. The abuse by so-called gurus in the East is mirrored here in the West. The most critical component in preventing these egregious behaviors is for people to think for themselves and take action to defrock these sick men.

  3. As long as we deafened our ears to the subtle whispers of Love, we will have to keep learning from the piercing shrieks of suffering. Let this be a call to find the uncorrupted Guru within and be guided from Her ever so silent breath

  4. My first reaction to this is a strong frustration that eats away at me; the kind I think I can’t stand. Watching the fools that demand power handed so much power by the masses who are, tragically, so far from god. And they elect or follow one of their own (a person on the same plane of consciousness), whose thinking they understand, to lead them. And of course, this leader being very unconscious, does harm and because of his power he does much harm. And then there are very wise people, that would lead and not do harm. And their consciousness would not lead them to leadership the way that fools feel called. And their honesty and love could shake mountains and only a few would understand. And most wouldn’t see and the ego in them, feeling threatened, would convince them to hate. And the wise man would smile at this and love them. Haha, and after writing all of this I have to take a breath and say this is the way that things are. And a deep sympathy comes over me.

  5. It is a sad situation. People are sick in their mind. Hiding behind the religion for fame and money in the name of God and doing wrong things, raising money and cheating people. They should be exposed. People who support them and do not tell on them are equally guilty. Thanks to those who have been courageous to step forward and save the others from happening to them.

  6. I wonder which Idiot tells these so called Guru’s to pretend to be Celibate. Gurus to me are fount of knowledge and not God almighty..Why even Gods have consorts…So pretend to be holy than thou and then get into hypocrisy…? I always thought Rajneesh was one Guru who made lot of sense….

  7. I think it’s important to spread the word and create awareness for people so that they might consider their gurus more carefully. but in reality, most people don’t consider things. and if a man presents himself as powerful- they will listen to what he says.

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