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Brahmrishi Kumar Swami wants 1 Trillion Dollar for Temple in Vrindavan – 22 Feb 11

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In the last week I was writing much about literacy in India and mentioned that there are more temples than schools in India. Unfortunately there are still people who like to take advantage of the religiosity of Indian people and who build more and more temples. Some weeks ago there was a big advertisement in our newspaper which attracted my attention because it had something to do with this topic and I saved it to show it to you.

It is a full page with advertisement printed on the front and on the back. It is obviously in Hindi, so I will point out the most important parts for you.

It is a two-page invitation to an event with the man in the middle, ‘Brahmrishi Kumar Swami’. The text starts by reading ’31 crore (310 Million) people are proved to have got rid of their sorrows and pain.’ And the article goes on with testimonials of different people with their pictures printed beside them.

‘I got great results in my studies’ a girl tells while another student writes ‘I was finally admitted to the institute I always wanted to go to’. ‘I was cured from cancer’ and ‘My father was very ill and was healed’ are only examples for the long list of diseases that were allegedly cured by the Swami: prostate cancer, bleeding problems of women, acne, depression, diabetes, swelling of legs, cancer that doctors had diagnosed as incurable and more, with the climax being a brain tumor that was fixed by a Mantra just before the woman died and a person who was blind and was finally healed after 4 futile surgeries.
Brahmrishi Kumar Swami claims to have healed all of them with one of his Mantras and his blessing.

On one side of the paper there are Indian people telling how he helped them, on the other side there are people of Indian origin who live overseas. With these people they printed another short article which praises his accomplishments abroad. There they say that he was even honoured by the Canadian as well as American government for his work. The American Senate and the General Assembly allegedly handed him an official certificate to honour him which was signed by the speaker of that occasion and the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Obama’s representative is mentioned to have given him the certificate in New Jersey.

In that certificate, which they have printed a very small picture of, it is said to be written that he is the world’s most respectable Saint, the leader of the most popular spiritual organization of the world. Billions of people got together, got healed from pain and sorrow, established a brotherhood in between them and got success in life.

Further the clipping tells that the Canadian Parliament, seeing his growing popularity all over the world, invited him to a meeting with parliament members, journalists and intellectuals. The chairman of the economic cell of Canadian government gave a certificate of honour as a representative of the Canadian government, similar to the American one he already had. They organized a special event for him and said the Canadian government felt proud to honour him for giving guidance and enlightenment to people all over the world.

Now I have been searching all over the internet to find something about all those official honours by the US and Canada government and parliament but could not find anything. Don’t you think that should be mentioned somewhere? I know there are many readers of this diary who live in America and Canada. If you have ever heard anything about this happening in your assembly or if you got to know that he gave a lecture in your senate, please let me know. I really believe the General Assembly and the Parliaments of Canada and the US have more important things to do than honouring an Indian preacher that most people of the country never heard nor cared about.

There are more pictures on that paper of different Indian politicians who take his blessings and TV artists and actors of TV series that were broadcast in the late 80s here. All these people have at some point performed in religious movies, about 15 years ago and were supposed to come to the event they invited for. I happen to know that Hema Malini, a former Bollywood heroine, now 62 years old and announced for the program brings a big group of artists and with all the setup and everything it will cost millions of rupees to invite her and other artists.

Of course people here know all those actors and they also know Kumar Swami, even if you have never heard of him. He has been on Indian TV, making his advertisement by paying spiritual TV channels to broadcast his programs. This is his and the TV channels’ way of selling spirituality.

1 Trillion Dollars for a Temple on 108 Acres

You will be asking yourself what this all advertisement is for. They invite people to come and meet him and at this occasion donate for a temple he wants to build. On 108 acres land, he wants to create a ‘Radha Krishna Golden Temple’, a big temple out of gold which will cost 50 Trillion Rupees, about 1 Trillion US-Dollar.

I already wrote about Kripalu who has actually built a big temple in Vrindavan and has spent millions of Rupees for that. Now Kumar Swami is planning to build another temple and we read in the local newspaper that some people of Vrindavan are protesting against this plan. They don’t want another such temple to be built.

Anyway, they tell that they plan to build this temple and write an enourmous figure as a cost. Who knows if they will get all this money together anytime to build a temple like this? This advertisement however is directed especially towards poor people who don’t even know how many zeros are in this figure. People, who don’t have much and don’t know much but who have a wish for themselves. They may be ill and not have money to go to hospital but they go there, pray and give a donation with the hope to get better. Others read how famous this man is, with even Obama honouring him, and they want to see him, meet him and get his blessings. They go and give a donation.

In short, this advertisement is for collecting donations. They may never actually build the temple but they can do this all over the country and get richer and richer! How they make a fool out of poor people! From the little money that they can give, they make their business and all of this by saying that they will build a temple! If this money could be given and used for education, for building schools and paying teachers, how many children could learn and change their lives?

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  1. Christine

    I tend to get very angry about this kind of stories. These people call themselves ‘gurus’, leaders of those who need them and what do they do? They only exploit them! I call this kind of anger my ‘holy wrath’. It’s just ridiculous for us but for those who don’t know that much of the world, there is much more in it! They have a belief, they have a wish and it is just crushed to nothing by the greed of this fake man!

  2. Muktaali Ananda

    Thanks for sharing Swami. Wake up people to the illusions that surround you. !! I live in Canada and have never heard of this Swami!?!

  3. Tom Miller

    That is so funny! I know how this kind of certificates are passed on – at least in our state – and it is usually one Indian guy who has a guru and donates a whole lot of money to him each year. He has some political connection – the husband of a cousin or similar – and gives either some extra money or just asks for a favor. That is not a big deal, they have a template text, thanking an important person for their dedication to helping people of the state and the whole nation. This they print out, the secretary holds is among the papers of the senator to sign and there you go – an official certificate!And that you can then present as if Mr. President visited you at your home to give it to you. A lot of people will believe it.
    Indian strategy, you need to see through that!

  4. Giacomo

    I cannot even quite believe that there are people who would believe that this guy heals cancer and lets the blind see!I mean look at him, he doesn’t look anything special and everybody knows it is physically impossible even with the best medicine to cure every disease, like a brain tumor in last stage.
    Those who believe it can be pitied or laughed about.

  5. Tiffany Dalgic

    Interesting! Swami Ji had asked if anyone could verify the honors this man supposedly received. I don’t live in New Jersey but I was able to find out a little more info for you. You could probably send an email or fax to the Senator’s off…ice asking for confirmation of such accolades, it’s public information.
    According to this website: Christina Zuk (who is the Legislative Director in Senator Barbara Buono’s office) presented him with something -the article is unclear on exactly what this accolade was- on 7/25/10.

    The Senator has an office of public information and here’s the contact information if you wanted to inquire directly with them:

    Office of Legislative Services
    Office of Public Information
    Room 50
    State House Annex
    P.O. Box 068
    Trenton, NJ 08625-0068

    Phone: (609) 292-4840
    Toll Free (800) 792-8630
    Your State legislator(s) welcome your thoughts, concerns, ideas and questions. For legislative information you may e-mail:

  6. Ramona

    Dear Tiffany,Thank you for that information. Actually the website you gave is his own organization’s website and thus not a reliable source of information. This is why we tried to find out more through the email-contact you provided. We have received an answer, too. Here is our conversation:


    I would like to inquire about the truth of a statement that was published on two websites, telling that Brahmrishi Kumar Swami has been honoured by the General Assembly of New Jersey on behalf of the American Parliament and specifically by Ms. Christina Zuk with a certificate of honour.
    It is stated on
    And the blogger Swami Balendu writes about it on He uses Indian newspaper promotions as a reference where it is stated the President has signed this certificate and the representative of Barack Obama has given him honour in New Jersey.

    Please let me know about the truth of these statements, which certificate has been given and the contents of such. Was this an officially recorded honour of the American Congress, Senate or General Assembly?

    Thank you,


    And this is what they answered:

    Sorry, we do not have any information regarding any certificates honoring the Swami.

    This response has been prepared by the Legislative Information and Bill Room, Office of Legislative Services, New Jersey State Legislature. Further legislative information can be obtained by calling 1-800-792-8630 (toll-free in NJ) or 609-292-4840, weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our website address is:

    So it seems that all was just fake.

  7. Billy

    Interesting to read the answer of New Jersey. He simply made up the whole story!But actually this is nothing to wonder about. The man obviously also wrote that he can do miracles, cure cancer and so much more, so why would he not meet the President? I don’t like how people who have no medical knowledge are tricked. These people are charlatans, nothing else

  8. Webmaster

    We have received an e-mail from ‘Shivam Mohla’ regarding their article, telling us that the respective documents have been published on the website of Brahmrishi Kumar Swami.

  9. harpreet

    Hey guys.Please don 19t criticize any one. If you want to test the ability of swami ji.
    Then you can verify this. They are not stopping you from anything. Test yourself and then write with full proof. If this is really a fraud . aware the people of this fraud

  10. Billy

    Are you kidding? It is clearly written in the video on that website that it was taken on 2nd May 2011! This was one week ago whereas this article was published on 22nd February. I think you can do the maths yourself… And then this man does not even speak English! If his organization is so popular around the whole world, how come he speaks Indian instead of English? And am I seeing right that there are only Indian-origin people there? She mentions the Indian-American community in USA and the world.
    This supports the comment of Tom, saying that it is all a setup of Indians and I did not see Mr. President anywhere there…
    i don’t mind them honouring their roots but they should do a bit more research and see that he claims to perform miracles – medical ones, too!
    So yes, I see certificates and videos but I still think he is not a God-like person 🙂

  11. Fraud Brahmrishi Kumar Swami Exposed

    Thank you Swami Balendu for writing this article and making people aware of this Brahmrishi Kumar Swami fraud. I do not understand why these so clled Guru and swamis want this much money all the time everywhere. I was searching on internet more information about him and I found very negetive feedback from somebody from U.K. I am pasting full text here and if you click this link and scroll down page then you will see this 8th article from top on Brahmrishi Kumar Swami.
    Titel for this article is
    EXPOSED: “Mantras for Money” scam
    Ajay Dutta
    Hindu Voice UK, October 2008

    We are particularly fortunate in the UK, having two free satellite TV channels promoting Hindu spirituality. One is Aastha TV and the other is MATV.

    There is a guru whose talks are shown daily on these channels. He attracts thousands of people in each ‘camp’ meeting, across numerous cities in India and abroad. He is a great orator who speaks with great humility, and states that he came from a very poor upbringing, but worked hard to improve his situation, eventually becoming a doctor. But the real attraction is that he spent many years with many unnamed Gurus, Rishis and Swamis in the Himalayas, from whom he learnt the knowledge of the correct use of mantras. These mantras are known as Beej mantras, and he claims that they have been hidden unnoticed in the Vedas, Gita, Granth and other sacred books, but have always existed since the beginning of time.

    This guru claims a meeting with him can resolve any issue one has, be it emotional, financial, educational or physical. He will give all who come to him a particular personal mantra. The name of this guru is BrahmRishi Shree Kumar Swami Ji of the Bhagwan Shree Lakshmi Narayan Dham, hereafter referred to as BRK for the purpose of this article.

    It was BRK’s daily lectures on MATV that caught the attention of my family and me. Each program showed BRK Ji’s seemingly well researched religious lectures, and portrayed him as not an Avatar or Swami – just a helper. When my family discovered that he was coming to the UK, very near to our homes, we decided to go and meet him.

    We arrived early and found that although the starting time was 4pm, BRK Ji would be arriving much later. Meanwhile we were given testimonies from people who had chanted their Beej mantras and who in a short time had their life problems resolved. Soon a line staring forming and we found out it was for those that wanted a personal consultation. We queued and were a little shocked to find out that there was a cost of £54 per person for this, but of course this would give each individual a mantra to cure our problems, so in that respect we thought it ay be worthwhile. A form was given to fill our details and problems. After an hour of so of bhajans, BRK Ji arrived with his wife (called Guru Maa) and a young swami (later we found out it was their son in law). The speaker then asked the audience who out of them had already received a Beej mantra. About 30% of people put their hand up from a total of hundreds. Then the speaker asked those to come up and tell their story of the benefits. Only 6 people went up, and one was a British born man whom we saw on TV in India telling the same story.

    Ganesha’s name was chanted 108 times and the speaker and the young swami then talked about the background of BRK Ji. Eventually BRK Ji spoke and revealed this month’s password mantra. PASSWORD MANTRA! We were confused, but noted it down. A few other mantras were then spoken for 20 minutes and a talk given. I managed to talk to an organiser and found out that a Beej mantra book is given after a meeting, and that everyone must start with the password mantra else the Beej mantra will not work! This changes monthly as BRK Ji is advised by the Devi’s and Devta’s. Also that to get the monthly mantras an individual must subscribe to their magazine for £27.

    At the end, those who paid for the private consultation queued by their ticket number. Each person had an average of 3-4 minutes, and when our turn arrived we presented our form. BRK Ji stated that all would be fine, just that we should read the Beej mantra book that he provided both night and day. There are Ganesha, Swarawati & Laxshmi sections that individuals are told to pay particular attention to. After our brief talk we were ushered to see a lady on a desk. She took our form and reassured us that all our problems would be fine and that a five day puja in BRK Ji’s ashram is required to start the process of resolving our problems. The cost of this was £400!

    By this time my suspicions were justified. Many people had paid the £54 consultation fee and many were paying or would go onto pay the £400 puja fee. I asked another person who had had a meeting with BRK Ji and he told me that on top of all these charges, he was told that special Ayurvedic medicine was needed for him, which can only be bought from their ashram in India. The cost being £300 per course! My estimate was that the turnover was in then tens of thousands for this evening, with no indication of why such prices were being charged.

    We were all quite angry by the end of the evening, and as we walked through the car park, we saw the car that BRK Ji and his party arrived in. It was a brand new black Mercedes with the number plate ‘G19URU’. I leave you to form your own opinion.

    Of course with our society in disarray and many of us with problems, this venture is proving to be highly successful! Its unfortunate as there are genuine Swamis and Gurus, but such money making operations tarnishes the image of all other Swamis and Gurus, confuses our Hindu society and indeed opens the doors for others to attack us.

    Mantras have always been accessible for all, and have been a spiritual tool for many centuries. This is the first time they’ve been put up for sale.

  12. harpreet

    Heywhy are u running after proof. this is the recent honor given to Kumar swami. i am not saying these are old ones On the other hand i am also not saying that he is GOD. Of course he is not GOD. but so many people getting treatment with his preachings (words).

  13. Tony

    Hello Harpreet,Are you from his PR team, defending the fraud and scam of Brahmrishi Kumar Swami? See above: just today somebody posted a link and article from another website from the U.K. and where the Brahmrishi Kumar Swami money scam is exposed. If you are not getting paid by this fraud Guru, leave him ASAP.
    If it is your job, you can of course continue defending him, claiming he can do miracles. This is what he is saying, what is written and advertised in the paid newspaper advertisement above. Didn’t you read how holy he says he is and showing all top world politician and senators including Barack Obama as his followers?

  14. harpreet

    Mr Tony Where is the link ? I also want to read that. I am not from him PR team nor I am hard core follower of him. I got treated from his shabad and all and I have not paid a single penny. This surprised me as well. You feel it’s all fraud why don’t you go and ask people who get treated. Anyhow, it’s your views. On the other hand nobody can learn until person himself doesn’t tolerate the same. So good luck with your research.

  15. harpreet

    Oh this is a newsletter, opinion of an individual. Keep writing Gud luck.

  16. Raboo

    You all have the wrong idea. Beej mantras do not cost ANY money. You go to samagam, get beej-mantra, and come back. Yes there is a monthly magazine where you get the password from, but it is $10 (the cost of 1 pizza) per month, and if you cannot afford it, you send a letter to Guruji and he will deal with you. About the senate: Yes, the senate did honor Guruji. You can see the videos here:

    Bslndusa website:
    India’s website:

  17. Sonia

    Hello Raboo, You mean all people who wrote above they are wrong and only you are right because you are from Brahmrishi Kumar Swami’s organization and maintaning his website and work in USA. Of course you will say this. its not a big deal to arrange a honor with a senate. They are political people and always looking for public program but it doesnt mean Barack Obama is his follower. Have you seen this paid newspaper advertisement about what Swami Balendu talking here in this article? There Barack Obama is also mentioned. And please tell me why he need 1 trillion dollar for making a temple? Why Brahmrishi Kumar Swami want to build gold temple? I have also the copy of this newspaper ad. What all Swami Balendu writing here in this article this all is mentioned there in this ad of newspaper. And we know how easy it is to get paid testimonials from different people just as you pay to newspaper for advertisement. Of course Brahmrishi Kumar Swami have much money for this kind of advertisement and paid spiritual tv chanels where anybody can buy their time slot and broadcast what they want. That’s how Brahmrishi Kumar Swami also braodcasting his drama on tv chanels. This all is money game. Its great to have this article here. So many people can be save from this fraud Brahmrishi Kumar Swami

  18. Raboo

    There are more than enough people WANTING to donate. It will not be short of money. He is making the Shakti Peet FOR the people. As far as I know (I’m almost sure), this will be free. It will be a place where sick people come. There will be many activities, such as horse riding, swimming pool, sports, etc, and when you leave you will be cured. This is what I have concluded from it. I do not get paid for my work. This is a non profitable organisation. Guruji spends his money for the people. In India, do you know how many people attend the samagam? Too many to count. Everyone (who tried) leaves with beej mantras. Imagine the cost for printing thousands, of thousands of books with 20 pages each (estimate). You are getting it for free. As for the magazine, in the US you are getting a Magazine which is printed in India, shipped from India (not cheap), then shipped to your house (from a US office) for $10. In my opinion we are going negative. Please look at the documented experiences of people WITH MEDICAL PROOF. Do not make conclusions without researching. Thanks.

  19. Raboo

    Oh sorry for the comment before. I did not know you were talking about the temple in Vrindavan. I thought you meant the Shakti Peet.

  20. Sonia

    So you mean Brahmrishi Kumar Swami want to invest money in developing buildings and complexes with swimming pool and sports. And really tell me who believe in this rubbish. If people and their cancer get cure like this then we close down all the hospitals and researches on this and everybody just chant mantra instead of going to doctors. This Brahmrishi Kumar Swami spreading superstition in society and looting their money on the name of building temples. Taking money on the name of doing mirecales curing cancers and other diseases by mantras. Yes many people donate him money thats how he is doing this business and spending money on newspaper and tv advertising. Why don’t you give answer to this question why he need 1 trillion dollar for building temple in Vrindavan? Why he needed to print in newspaper Barack Obama name? People need in India food, education and water they dont need gold temple. Please stop making fool people and taking their money say to your guru Brahmrishi Kumar Swami.

  21. Rajesh

    I have been chanting mantras since a very early age.Last year, I saw Brahmrishi’s photograph and was influenced. I also received some `Mantras’ through intuition.I visited the camp organized by Brahmrishi at Panchkula in December 2010. The organizers were quite rude and the booklet containing the Beej Mantras was not given. I managed to get the booklet.However, when I visited the Mohali centre in January 2011 to buy the magazine containing the “password”, I was told that the Beej Mantras had “changed” and I would have to attend another Samagam to get a new booklet.I feel that the mantras given by the Divine (or Guru) rarely change so frequently and there is no need for a “password” every month to activate the `Beej Mantras.’ Rather, the `Beej Mantras’ as mentioned in the scriptures can be chanted by anyone even without initiation. Since then ,I have not visited the Brahmrishi’s centre.

  22. Mohit

    You are right Rajesh. After reading this article and feedback here on this page it is clear Brahmrishi Kumar Swami is fraud who is doing business on the name of Mantras and cheating innocent people by advertising with fake feedback. Its so funny to hear you need password for Mantras. Its true everybody can buy time slot on spiritual tv and show what they want. Brahmrishi Kumar Swami spend lots of money for promoting his business on tv and newspapers. Example you can see in this article. And always you will see Kumar Swami want to associate his name with big celebrities to attract more and more people. Always you will find this kind of stories in his promotion materials. I really hope poor people don’t get cheated by Brahmrishi Kumar Swami.

  23. Webmaster

    We have repeatedly received emails and phone calls of Brahmrishi Kumar Swami’s followers, asking us to delete and remove this post. On telephone we were even threatened with lawsuits. We replied that Brahmrishi Kumar Swami is welcome to sue us. Until now, nothing happened.The reason for their continuous attention to this article is that this page is very popular and even has a high ranking on google so that many of those who search for Brahmrishi Kumar Swami online actually land here and can read the truth.
    We believe that what we do is good for society and the well-being and awareness of many people. We only tell the truth and will keep on revealing it. Should we be sued for that, it will only make this page more popular.
    We will not remove this page as Swami Balendu’s article only represents his opinion and facts.





    before saying anything i would like to inform that i have no personal enmity with bslnd trustee suhsil verma ji. bslnd trustee suhsil verma is himself involved in fake accounts of facebook, yes, it is true you can see him if you are faceook user if u type bhagwan shri lakshmi narayan dham (bslnd) you can see his facebook account in other members. the creator of this group is surabhi khurana, i want to know why he is supporting surabhi khurana? is surabhi khurana daughter of sushil verma ji? on the other hand he published in his prabhu kripa montly magazine july 2011 page number 5 that it is the order of sat gurudev ji to delete themselves from the accounts. bhagwan shri lakshmi narayan dham has no concern with that, then is he (himself suhsil verma ji) not a devotee of bslnd? then why he is supporting bhagwan shri lakshmi narayan dham (bslnd). i think prabhu kripa magazine july 2011 edition must be punblished before 30 th june 2011 , and now ten days have gone, till yet, he himself has not deleted his facebook account from bhagwan shri lakshmi narayan dham (bslnd). so it is requested to other members of trust to investigate the matter properly

  26. Nitin

    @Deepti, As you said you are follower of Brahmrishi Kumar Swami. But as in this article Swami Balendu writing about him he seems to be a big fraud who is making fool people and collecting money only. Why he want this much money? And you are right why they want people to stop using facebook? Maybe they don’t want their followers don’t go on internet and don’t read truth about Brahmrishi Kumar Swami. This is great to have internet these days so you can get truth about everybody. I am agree with you on this point also if they use this kind of newspaper advertisement and also tv channels for Brahmrishi Kumar Swami promotion then why they stop others for using facebook? But you know as Swami Balendu wrote in this article and gave link too in this spiritual tv channels everybody can buy time slot and broadcast whatever they want. So that’s how Brahmrishi Kumar Swami take money in name of donation from people and give to these tv channel and newspaper for his advertisement. Definitely Brahmrishi Kumar Swami is a cheater and not a real guru. Don’t know when our country will get rid of these fake swami and guru who is sucking blood of poor people and collecting money on name of religion.
    As you said in your 4th question, you can see not all the followers are same. He is hypocrite. When this kind of tv star celebrity and rich people come then they get special treatment. Every guru does same and Brahmrishi Kumar Swami is also not any way different then others. I hope you and your kind of other followers come out soon from this cult and don’t waste anymore your time and money on Kumar Swami

  27. Shekhar Bansal

    Hello Sandya,I don’t understand about whom you are talking about and why? Here we are discussing about Brahmrishi Kumar Swami and why he and his organization cheating people and why they want to build this kind of gold temple and why on the name of temple Brahmrishi Kumar Swami collecting money from poor people. And spending this money on tv and newspaper expensive advertisement. So many people in India hungry don’t have food. Children don’t go school. girls can not marry. Many people die because of no proper medical and this fake guru Brahmrishi Kumar Swami want to spend money on building gold temple. Tell him nobody can eat gold. We don’t need gold or temple. We need food to survive. Don’t cheat people in this way. This kind of testimonial what he advertise on newspaper can be collected very easily in India and for little money people say anything whatever you want to record in front of camera. Same thing Baba Ramdev did from people collecting false testimonials and now Brahmrishi Kumar Swami is also doing same thing. Telling how many people got cure from his mantra. This all is lie. If people get cure from mantra then we don’t need anymore hospital. I hope people see this truth and don’t get involve with such kind of fake guru like Brahmrishi Kumar Swami.

  28. sandhaya

    bslnd means bhagwan shree lakshmi narayan dham and it is he trust of bhramrishi kumar swami ji. in their monthly magazine prabhu kripa of july 2011 they gave instruction to their bhagats not to use face book . those who are in touch with dham or shri kumar swami ji will be able to get that , what i have written.


    AGAIN I AM SAYING i have no personal enmity with any one. today i have entered a new facebook account which is created by employee of BSLND . on facebook the name of this fake account is BSLND LIVE SMAGAM which is created by employee of bslnd. the name of employee is singh cameraman rinku. you can check this when you click the info section below wall. the details of bslnd is like that when you reach that id bslnd live smagam there is no message sending option you can just add as a friend. then it comes if u know him personally only then you can add but there is nothing such thing, any body can join, it gets approval. TO THE UTTER SURPRISE, TRUSTEE SUSHIL VERMA IS HIMSELF MEMBER OF IT. SUSHIL VERMA HIMSELF DOES NOT KNOW HIS EMPLOYEE CREATED FAKE ID. ON THE OTHER HAND , HE published note on page number 5 of prabhu kripa monthly magazine (july 2011). it is the order of guru ji (brahamrishi kumar swami ji) to close all fake accounts. so it is my humble request to other trust members of bhagwan shri lakshmi narayan dham which belogs to bhramrishi kumar swami ji to inquire the matter properly.

  30. Webmaster

    We want to update this page with news of what is going on because of this article. It seems the truth revealed here is affecting the business of Brahmrishi Kumar Swami very much. People read the truth here and maybe leave them and that’s why Kumar Swami’s organization and his people again and again contact and pressurize us to remove this post from here.
    They tried to create social pressure on us by asking local people to ask us to remove this article. We also got phone calls from them for the same purpose and yesterday on 29th July we received a letter in Hindi, sent by registered post, from Kumar Swami’s organization signed by Sushil Verma. They again ask us to remove this article which actually only explains fact and contains a translation of their own newspaper advertisement. We have replied a couple of times to their email but now we are not going to respond to the same question again and again. They keep their eyes on this article, so they get our response from here, anyway, if they have not read it in their emails yet.
    In yesterday’s letter we again read a threat: if we do not remove this article, they will file lawsuits against us. As we believe the presence of this article here is good for public interest and brings awareness to people, we will not remove it. Brahmrishi Kumar Swami and his organization and Mr. Sushil Verma are welcome to file lawsuits and we will reply them in court.
    Of course we will keep our readers updated here.

  31. Webmaster

    After receiving the letter from Brahmrishi Kumar Swami’s organization about filing lawsuits against, we gave this news to our friends and readers on Facebook and the comments below are part of a Facebook discussion on the same topic.

  32. Steven Vogel

    Stick with your convictions Swami Ji, this person (Brahmrishi Kumar Swami) is obviously a charlatan and needs to be taken down, in plain English, bullshit is bullshit and they seem to have an abundance…….

  33. Annan Boodram

    Swami Ji I’m a journalist and I cannot see any grounds on which they can sue because the info is already in the public domain, placed so don’t worry. Also one has to wonder how does ostentatiousness reflect God’s work and glories. Not mention that their claims smack of quackery. After all, if they can actually do all of those things then they should be on the way to solving all of man’s problems. (Brahmrishi Kumar Swami) Seems like shades of Sai Baba.

  34. Swami Balendu

    Thank you, Steven and Annan for the feedback. I also think there is nothing on that article that they could file a lawsuit with. I will stick with the truth, my conviction. Much love

  35. Helena Bliko

    Dear Swami Ji. This is really big fun. If he (Brahmrishi Kumar Swami) is such big Saint he can remove your article by Mantras but not to send you letters to remove the article:-) not a surprise why “Guru”

  36. Swami Balendu

    it’s really funny. He claims to remove cancer and other diseases from the body but is not able to remove this article from our website. Since this article was published they have been asking and getting angry in many emails and phone calls. Their business runs in this way, they spend millions on advertising their programs, also on TV.There are some private religious channels in India. One of them is owned by another Guru. They sell time slots and anybody can buy and run their religious programs. Kumar Swami also broadcasts his programs in such religious business TV channels and also advertises in newspapers. They are very angry about my article because if anybody searches his name “Brahmrishi Kumar Swami” on Google, they find it on 2nd position… and when people read the truth, they turn away from him. That’s why these money-focused people are trying to threaten us in every possible way.

  37. Annan Boodram

    Swami Ji I just wished there were more true swamis like you.On Facebook I continually battle pseudo swamis and other frauds but am continually surprised at how easily supposedly intelligent people are deceived by these ‘gurus’.

  38. Swami Balendu

    Thank you Annan for your words. I fully agree with you. It’s really surprising when I see well educated people also get caught with all these fraud Gurus and Swamis. I don’t understand why and how? And the incredible thing is that even after their master’s fraudulent activities have been exposed, they continue following him. With my little efforts I am just trying to bring this kind of awareness to society so that innocent people don’t get involved in the business, so that they don’t get abused and lose all their money to these Gurus.

  39. Swami Balendu

    Dear Helena, I know, creating fear is really one of their common ways to get people to give them money. They even pretend they can make God angry on you :)I wrote two blog entries about how those gurus use fear and also greed to make their money:
    Link 1
    Link 2

  40. Olivier Thomas

    “It’s really funny. He claims to remove cancer and other diseases from the body but is not able to remove this article from our website… ” U’re very funny :)u made me laugh
    In western world too there is more and more people interested in spirituality and religions nowdays. The problem is when people dont trust themselves and go to find soltuions to other peoples who cannot be trusted.Some of them especialy think than religions have stayed pure and true in easter countries as India and follow blindly any guru. Its right that most of the time those kind people are very interested in miracles. So they follow easily the one (guru) who’ll speak about miracles.

  41. Alice Kell

    This guy (Brahmrishi Kumar Swami) sounds like India’s version of certain TV televangelists who claim to heal by touch and The Word. I knew a healer in California (since passed on) who would never accept a dime for himself. He said it was a GIFT that was given to him, that anyone who asks for money for spiritual gifts is a fraud, and I should pay it forward. Good luck in your defense if it comes to that.

  42. Niharika Mishra Mitra

    Thank you Swami ji, we are with you… !

  43. praveen vij

    i am also follower of kumar swami ji . but to the utter surprise SUSHIL VERMA JI AND OTHER TRUST MEMBERS are unable to remove fake facebook id of kumar swami ji. in july he published they will take legal steps against them but still yet no action has been taken . here is the list on facebook when you will type brahmrishi shri kumar swami ji its creator is vikas sehgal. another brahamrishi shree kumar swami ji its creator is we hindu and shiri kumar swami ji group its creator is vicky sharma . i want to say to SUSHIL VERMA AND OTHER TRUST MEMBERS OF LAKSHMI NARAYAN DHAM OR KUMAR SWAMI JI. WHEN THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO INSTRUCT THEIR OWN FOLLOWERS WHY R U AGAINST THIS PAGE.??


    again i am saying i am also follower of kumar swami ji. as above SANDHYA said bslnd employee himself created fake id of kumar swami ji. it is brought to your notice TO SUSHIL VERMA JI AND OTHER TRUST MEMBERS THAT HE (SINGH CAMERAMAN RINKU )IS STILL running THE SHOW . RATHER HE IS VERY THANKFUL TO SWAMI BALENDU OR THIS PAGE. HOW ? FIRSTLY HE CHANGED THE NAME OF PAGE BSLND LIVE SMAGAM TO Bsln Dham (Bslnd) and second he removed his name from info and he placed the name of GUDDU CHAUDHARY who is his partner . AND BSLND (BHAGWAN SHREE LAKSHMI NARAYAN DHAM ) TRUSTEE SUSHIL VERMA HIMSELF A MEMBER OF IT.WHAT HAPPENED TO OTHER TRUST MEMBERS IF SUHSIL VERMA IS SLEEPING? AND EVERY ONE IS STILL RUNNING THE SHOW. THE EFFECT OF THIS PAGE IS THAT it changed its name BSLND LIVE SMAGAM to Bsln Dham (Bslnd) because it is true.AND OTHER TRUST MEMBERS MUST CHECK IT SUSHIL VERMA JI IS HIMSELF PART OF IT. ON THE OTHER HAND HE SAYS NOT TO OPEN PAGES ON FACEBOOK.RATHER I WOULD LIKE TO SAY SUSHIL VERMA SHOULD THANKS SWAMI BALENDU WHO MADE U SO POPULAR.and i thanks this page who made people to express themselves on net and made to feel people that they are one and changed the behaviour of those bslnd sewadaar who think themselves a saint like kumar swami ji.

  45. Navin

    I am surprised that Sushil Verma is sending letter to remove this article. Why don’t Sushil Verma just request Kumar Swamiji to do some miracle and this link will disapper automatically:-)I fully support this article and have seen all this drama in one of his samagam in GK, New Delhi. Even I was thinking that why till now no one has raised his voice and then found this ariticle. I have no exeperience of Sheer Bindu Sewa Sansthan.



  47. SG

    Hi All
    I would like to share my experience abt “swamiji” that you will hopefully find useful. Full disclosure, my mother is very religious and a big believer in Swamiji and the potential miraculous powers of his “beej mantras” so much so she’d rather spend hours doing that every day, than spend time on herself like go out for a walk or even play around with the grandkids..

    Anyhow, she requested me to take her to swamiji’s ceremony in NJ this past weekend as he was visiting and there has been a big buildup for months.. this whole thing is a marketing machinery as I am realising.. In any case, will try to make it brief as I can go on forever with the eye opening treacherous experience I had and thinking about it makes me seethe with anger for my mom and myself, and equally importantly for the potentially millions of other gullible poor souls all around. The event was on Saturday (Aug 11 2011) and supposed to start at 4pm.. so we got there at 3:30pm to make sure we have a seat and get to see swamiji from up front and center… anyway, we get there and are asked to fill out this form as we will get “customized” beej mantra with swamiji reading everyone’s name, dob, gotra, problem and provide a custome-mantra.. I should have known there and then.. yeah – right. My a**e that swamiji will read 2-300 forms!

    Anyway, we get inside and seated.. and stay seated for 2 hrs.. no sign of swamiji.. in between some nice religious hymns playing (in retrospect, the ONLY saving grace of the entire evening wasted, was that the chaps, one of them from Queens, NY, had a really nice soothing voice which was nice to listen to).. countless ladies getting in front of the stage dancing like some clueless fanatics in an uprising.. in between “Vermaji” playing the same old movie (as it appears from reading other posts) that is played in every single location.. i.e. devotees who have been cured asked to line up and regale their stories or shall I say “anubhavs”.. listening to some of the dodge frivolous stories, it was bleedingly obvious what a scam the whole thing is.. In any case, not wanting to upset my mom’s beliefs, I stayed quite.. this entire drams goes on for the best part of 6 (yes SIX Freakin’ hours)!!! laced with the dumb-wit “Verma ji” interrupting the nice music at regular intervals to make important announcements about this “ati-vashisht-seva” and “bhaav” “param poojniya bramrishi kumar swamijee” (frankly lost count of how many times these words were used that evening after the first 5000 times!).. and really sad to see countless hapless clueless poor souls hanging on his every word and non-sensical contradicting instructions.. “from filing out the ati-vishisht-seva form only offered on the occasion of ‘guru purnima’ but keeping it with themselves and not letting Anyone even TOUCH them”, To realizing most of the ppl have already been made to give them back at the time of entry, to not needing to fill them and keeping with themselves any more.. it was beyond annoying, beyond ridiculous, or chaotic, it was sickening to the extent, I wish I could grab the mike and shout to all these poor ppl (apparently from CA, Wisconsin, Toronto, VA and goodness knows where.. don’t believe anyone would travel to meet this shameless gang of sham!!) that ppl PLEASE RUN.. don’t give a penny of your hard earned money to this BS OTT (over the top) bleedingly obviously scaming fraudsters.. fraudsters like this you get dime a dozen in India..

    In any event, Guruji finally turns up 6 hrs after he is supposed to.. after countless “vishesh soochnas” from Vermaji announcing his arrival and flower petals being handed out in advance to shower the swamiji.. to almost a small stampede with ppl rushing to catch a glimpse up close and personal.. with a human chain arnd him to protect him.. to some kids getting run over.. just surreal on how blatantly scandalous it all is.. apparently Guruji is late because he has been performing “an ati-vishesh-seva” for the masses that had gathered.. pray tell, why couldn’t that be done earlier in the day for him to show up at 4pm when he was supposed to.. or wondering if anyone checked the swimming pool at the hotel he was staying at.

    Anyway, I get off track, after he arrives, Guruji gets on the stage and performs the pooja that no one can hear and with his back towards everyone.. with all the music (and dhol) blaring for almost 30 minutes.. then there is a queue of (literally) 200 ppl who are representatives of this scam organization from each location to offer personal garlands.. this drama goes on for a good 40 min before, on this “ati-vishesh-din of guru purnima”, guruji has done “ati-vishesh-seva” only in NJ for the first time ever!!!! To allow everyone to get up to the stage.. resulting in 2000 ppl queuing up next to the stage.. threatening another stampede… only for the plan to be scratched 20 min later as the organizers have instructed “no more than 30 ppl can be on the stage” at any given time.. mini chaos for 15-20 min.. then change in plans and Guruji will come to each and everyone in the hall…

    Guruji offers prayers, and “prawachan” “Kunjee mantra” (the script is followed to a T as with other locations as mentioned by fellow mortified souls on this blog)..

    Anyway another half an hr of madness ensues.. as ppl make beeline to create space and make room for swamiji to come each and everyone as an ati-vashisht-seva… swamiji gets to the floor with all the sewadaars.. detailed instructions are blared half a dozen times.. (men to only get it from male sevadar and same for women, no touching!).. sevadars will walk in front to collect “bhaav” (offerings in grrenbacks/US dollars).. and there is no shame in asking for “jo jiska bhaav ho who sevadaar ko de-de” “guru purnima ke awsar per guru ko dakhsina dene ka pradhaan he” agar 5 doge to 50 ban jaayega”.. I can go on and on but was sick to my stomach to how shamelessly greedy this entire scam circle is.. and how clueless ppl are! Anyway, sevadar for collecting Bhaav, sevadar to offer flower petals as blessings.. separate sevadaars for offering books..

    After 45 min of this and I would have counted atleast 15 bags myself being fulled to the brim with $$ of all denominations.. $1, $5, $20, $100 etc etc.. and countless offerings by way of pledges and checks… rough conservative estimate, the gang must have raked in atleast $100k!!! yep, folks more than 3 times the per capital income of a country like the US.. what an average hard working person doing 3 shifts in the US makes in 3 years!!! My mom made us part with $200 that evening – still can’t get over it.. fortunately, not money I can’t afford but just makes me seethe to P*ss away my hard earned money at a*she*les like these.. as good as throwing it in the Hudson river.. would have felt million times better if I had given it to a homeless or to salvation army… oh well, I will think my pocket was picked on the subway!

    Anyway, it is past midnight at this point.. having been there for almost 9 hrs and witnessing all this, my patience is naturally running thin.. but hang on there is more, there was another ‘vishesh-kripa-pravadhan’ especially for ppl in immense misfortune or trouble.. was in a separate hall in the doubletree hotel (at the back of the convention hall) where the entourage was staying at… so my mom (can’t fault her entirely as she is 70 years old even though have tried to bring a dose of reality to her thinking) wanted to see Guruji in this personal “ati-vishesh_kripa”!.. so we scrambled to get to the hotel.. to ensure we were early and get to see Guruji.. as mentioned by one of the fellas above, Guruji arrived in his Merc SUV.. we get in, and there is already a line of abt 50ppl… who are desparate to get personal beej mantras and get their personal “cancer cured” by this sakshaat bhagwanji ka avatar param poojniya guruji… anyway, similar to the UK experience, the cost of the form is $108!!!!

    At this point, some good sense prevails with my mom and given its approaching 1am and having parted with $200 of our good money, we decided to bolt and leave the circus to itself! In hindsight, apart from p*ssing away out personal money on these crooks (which makes me cringe), I am most upset about having wasted an entire Saturday that could have been spend with the family.. oh well, as they say you live and learn..

    Sorry for the long winded account but investing this much of my personal time, in the hope that reading this, even if it dissuades one person who had any intention of becoming a disciple or attending any of these conventions, the 30 min of life that are gone away that I will never get back writing this, are well invested for mankind!

    Peace to all!

  48. ashutosh

    So is he or not he?Its hard for atheists and academic rationality to believe in god..Funny how this post’s high page rank is actually back-linking people like me from queries around curing acne and other stuff. But when someone says cancer cured, that was worth investigating. LOL! Mr. Balendu’s credibility comes from the fact that i did find some weak comebacks from ‘Harpreet’ and few other people trying to defend Mr. Kumar swami. It breaks my heart to read how some people posted their own accounts of events as Swami’s charlatan nature and how they were ripped off their money.I would definitely use those receipts guys to tip IRS or HMRC etc to bust their racket! Since Mr.Balindu is allowing posts from both parties, that means we are still looking at things objectively (right?).
    SUMMARY OF TOPICS: FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS. Now this is where you guys got me off! My own name has 5 different profiles on FB who are not me. Are we are now basing a potential cancer cure’s credibility on BSLND’s organisation being impersonated on facebook and the misleading information on those pages.Come on..only Mark Zuckerberg can control facebook ..not this guy we are asking to ”Vermaji” or her daughter. You decide!


    my colleague was needing NYC AEU2 several days ago and was informed about a website that hosts an online forms database . If others are interested in NYC AEU2 as well , here’s a

  50. Kamini

    Guru g aap glt nhi pr jo sansthan vale hai jo kbhi gltt keh dette hai pr aap satya Ho hmeshaa namaskaar…

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