Sex Swamis Lie about Being Brahmachari – 5 Mar 10

The topic of the sex scandal of the South Indian guru Nithyananda is still hot. On TV they could not show the whole tape of this scandal as India’s restrictions for TV are high but as you know the internet nowadays is very quick and open and this is how everybody can now see the whole and uncut video online. Many of his devotees and followers are very disappointed and angry and even started riots.

Here in India it is a general belief that a Swami, a Guru, who walks around in saffron coloured clothes, should be living in celibacy. This is why people are angry.  If you see that original video, you see how disrespectful he actually is towards the woman who is with him. While she is caressing him, he is watching TV, not even paying attention on the sexual activities going on. There is no love at all, he even disrespects the sexual act. You can see that this is nothing special for him, a daily event that someone takes care of his sexual desires and satisfies him orally. This is not a one-time event! But his followers believed in him.

Last year, when we were travelling in America, it was his followers who misbehaved with me and who got angry when I talked against this guru-ship and this fake Swami Nithyananda. I also wrote in my diary about this, about the wealth that is being displayed and the enlightenment that is being sold. I openly wrote and said how I did not appreciate this and his followers turned against me very quickly. You can read more about this on this and the following pages:

 I do not have any connection with this group anymore but I am sure that his followers throughout the world are busy working on defending him if they haven’t turned away from him. As I said yesterday, it would have been good for him to come into public and give an honest statement, it would have spared many people’s feelings.

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  1. I saw some of that guru’s videos on YouTube over the last few years, but I was never especially impressed by him. Just mainly curious, because I was wondering what he was doing sitting on that throne, with all that pomp. Now I removed him from my YouTube subscriptions. These follies have been going on for centuries. In the 16th century, Martin … See MoreLuther formed Protestantism in part as a rebellion against priests selling blessings on the streets. And many popes and bishops were sex-frolicking behind closed doors, as many Catholic priests still do now. In the past 50 years, some of the biggest and most famous gurus were also the worst and most phony. I actually find it funny and entertaining to see today’s phony gurus get exposed and taken down.

  2. This is one Swami you write about but what about others who have unofficially many women? They take them to their personal room in alone for discus something in privet or for so called “personal sewa”.I know many swamis who are well know in India and in west as well, some of them have one some have few women who always travel with them. How they can still call themselves “Sanyasin” or never having sex?

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