Religious Guru Andre Mailhol makes Money from poor People – 15 Aug 11


Last week Regina showed us an article in their local newspaper which she thought could be interesting for us. And it was! The article, written by Christian Putsch, was about a priest and founder of a church on Madagascar. His name is André Mailhol and he gained this space in the newspaper with the idea to build the biggest temple of Madagascar – with a helipad on top for the helicopters he is going to buy. Yes, this is interesting because it seems just like another one of those gurus, this time Christian, earning a lot of money with other people’s belief.

It is a crazy situation: Madagascar is a country maybe known for political instability but mostly for its poverty. People are hungry, children starving, many are ill and don’t have access to medical help and children have to work to support their families. 500000 of these poor people nevertheless give ten percent of their income to their guru André Mailhol, a former street seller who had the idea to found a religious community, a church called ‘Apokalypsy’. He is the head, the guru and sees nothing wrong in driving around in luxury cars. A Porsche and a Hummer jeep are displayed on a picture in the article and Mailhol is quoted ‘People should see what they can achieve with their belief in God’.

He is now planning to buy helicopters to get quicker from one side of the country to the other. And of course, in order to land them somewhere, he wants to build a big temple for 6.3 Million Dollars. It shall be the third biggest temple of the world and the biggest of his country.

When I heard all this – because the article was in German and Ramona translated it to me – I was stunned. He seems to me like a Christian Kumar Swami! He, too, promises healing miracles to those who follow and he, too, has the wish and ego to build such an enourmous temple. And he, too, seems to earn money for his projects from those who anyway have only very little for themselves.

You see, it does not matter which religion and it does not matter which country, there are people with ego who can use and misuse others through their belief. Poor people have hopes for a better life. They believe in those gurus, they believe in those masters and they willingly give money to support them with the wish that by this they can somehow improve their lives. The gurus shamelessly exploit them, drive luxury cars, live in wealth and abundance and choose to ignore the poverty surrounding them. It is horrible to see but it happens everywhere. Where poverty is widespread, people believe more in religions. They are uneducated but they have hopes and dreams, based on God. These gurus take advantage of their dreams and suck the little money that they have out of them.

It is still a long way but I hope that with the spreading of education people will also start believing in themselves instead of following such charlatans. When there is nobody anymore to follow, these gurus will become less and people will not be cheated on the name of religion anymore.

Photo and inspiration by Christian Putsch

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  1. There’s a century long tradition of such profiteering Christian preachers in the West, there are many such rich and famous ones always around, and have always been since I was young, holding their meetings and having their TV shows, and always many others on the lower preaching rungs competing with them and hoping also to make it to the top. Many preach such a “prosperity gospel” that by faith one will get rich, and that this faith is partly proven by donations to the preacher and his organization.

  2. I forgot that you have those TV preachers in the US. We don’t really see them here in Germany. Rarely. But when we were in America you could see them every evening on different channels. And they preach with the interest of people in mind – wealth, being prosper and rich…how do I get that?They know how to attract the attention of their listeners and they often use this knowledge to live a life in luxury. It is sad to see this in poor and uneducated countries but somehow even more sad to see that in countries such as America.

  3. Years ago the rock band genesis had a song about such priests in the us and made also a good music video for it. I think in many african countries the religious influance is in a wrong direction much to high. There is one bad thing still in my mind. Once the pope said don’t use condoms, so realy nobody used it, and the population in this poor countries had already been much to low. I know that at least some african christians see the pope as a good in person, even as he never declared to bee good. Love armin

  4. In reading this analysis of the church apokalypsy, I’m just amazed, Pastor Mailhol in Madagascar is considered not as a guru but as a pastor like the others. I also read the survey conducted by the German journalist, I remember his visit to hate with an interview and a few visits in less than a day and is said to be an investigation, lol! They have not even found several members of this church also has 4×4 and light cars, it’s totally wrong to say that everyone is poor in this association! I would say even more than the poverty rate in this church is lesser than in other church on this island.

  5. I always wonder: don’t these people have any concept of moral and ethics? So you are pretending to be there for others, but the fact is, that you are only there for your own good. Do these gurus really care about the people who come to see them? Do they have any sincere interest in their followers suffering?

  6. Thank you so much for this statement in this blog post.
    I have just filled out your Volunteer-Form and after reading this very blog post, i can be sure that I made a good choice: It is my belief as well that education is power – and that this guy from Madagascar is a charlatan – sucking out his followers.

    Hope to read and hear from you soon! – Would be a real pleasure for me to come to your Ashram and work for you and the kids you’re educating.

    Thanx again Om mani padme hum

    Greeting from Germany

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