Deeksha – a fake business – 11 Feb 08


Yesterday I wrote down my thoughts about the drama that is going on here. Selling enlightenment is only a part of it. Everything has become very commercial and a lot of bad is coming from that. Some commercial minded persons in India found a good market in the western world because there people think they can buy everything. So they started selling whatever they could sell. The West on its turn imports these 'goods' from India, westernizes the products and sells them here because there are buyers with good prices. However like this the original meaning gets lost.

I would like to give you an example. A lot of people are doing 'deeksha' here today. In Sweden someone who was performing it asked me if I also do deeksha and what it actually means. You see, even those who perform it do not know the meaning. For those grown up in the tradition and culture of deeksha it is a holy word. It has a lot of value and a deep meaning. Deeksha is very highly respected. But here, when I see how the meaning gets lost and what is made out of it I feel disappointed. The divinity and purity of the word is lost. It is being abused. It hurts me and those who grow up with the original culture. In India only a respected, wise person with special abilities can do deeksha and also only to those of whom they think they are qualified and able to receive it. It is not something that is done with hundreds of people. It is a personal special experience for which a disciple sometimes waits for years. It happens only once in life and is like a reincarnation. It is holy.

Please do not do this drama and abuse these holy words. In these days so many groups and individuals are doing this and I know when they read my diary they may not be happy with it. But I have to be honest with what I feel.

Note – This  fraud person announces himself God and is called Kalki Bhagavan. His wife is called Amma Bhagavan. See their wikipedia link. They have an organization called 'Oneness movement' and they give Deeksha. I have written about this the previous day


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  1. I’m conflicted, because without having sacred and holy things it seems like life loses some meaning, on the other hand I have a hard time believing that a word or thing could be sacred. I’m tempted to believe in sacredness just because when I used to believe in the sacred my life had more meaning. And yet I can no longer allow myself to believe in a sacred thing, word, action.Confusing I suppose. It is a lot for me to think about.

  2. The new age movement in the western world has in many instances made a religion out of the profound. That is to say, people are doing what they have historically done with the profound. They cannot grasp it in the way it was intended, they misunderstand it and so they try to live it in a nonsensical way. Joy, a connection with God does not come from what you do but how you do it. An identification with beliefs and rules will not allow you to know god. The new age movement in the west is built upon a belief in no belief. Belief, ritual, tradition are not obstacles in and of themselves. In many cases the way we experience them is a manifestation of human unconsciousness.

  3. The internet brings businessmen from all over the world within reach. now you don’t have to travel to India to get sold BS in the name of spirituality- the dishonesty is available for viewing right from the comfort of your own home.

  4. I have often felt this way about how yoga has transformed as it traveled to the West. Many people in America now practice “yoga” but it is just a workout trend similar to pilates, kickboxing, zumba, etc. As a student and practitioner of traditional Indian yoga, this really bothered me. I didn’t like that people were tarnishing the name of yoga and not even honoring the depths of it’s meaning or where it came from. I see yoga as a deeply profound spiritual practice, and they were treating it like an aerobics class.
    But eventually I came to terms with it. Why shouldn’t they be able to practice yoga postures for their bodies if they want to? It’s a free world and the information is globally available. It’s not a matter of semantics– they can use the word “yoga” if they want, but I will know what the difference is between the yoga that I practice and the yoga they practice. To each his own; live and let live. I will continue with my way, and I will respect and honor them on their paths of life.

  5. It’s sad that the west has fallen into the mentality that they can buy everything, when that is definitely not the case at all. And in fact I would hazard to say that having this mentality is harmful to daily living. We should not be so trusting as to think that something like love and respect, honor and peace can be bought with coin, we should reslize that whenever these are being sold they are in deed a facade.

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