Asaram and his alleged constant Need for young Girls in his Bedroom – 4 Sep 13


For two days I have been telling you about Asaram, what he is accused of having done and that he is now arrested. While he is now making his statements, trying to get bail, there are a whole lot more details that emerge which really create a shocking, sickening picture: Asaram seems to have had an organized system of getting girls like this minor girl into his bedroom!

Asaram is not the only one who was arrested in his case! He had a close aide whose name is Shiva. This man was arrested as well and the news – who are constantly talking about the new developments and other backgrounds in the case – tell that Shiva stated, Asaram was used to meeting girls alone. Asaram thus has, according to Shiva, not only welcomed that sixteen-year-old alone in his rooms, who now accuses him of sexual harassment. No, there have been many more girls and young women whom Shiva maybe also escorted until the door. From there, Asaram took over.

Together with the summons for Asaram and Shiva, the police gave out one more: the summon for a woman called Shilpi, the warden of the hostel where the teenager was living in. She was the caretaker of the girls in the hostel – and should know a bit more about the case, maybe even be able to clear a whole lot of questions. Unfortunately however, she did not reply to the notice. On the contrary, she vanished and police has sent out a search team to track her down. Suspicious? Just a bit!

Of course the media noticed that, too, and did some research. She is said to have been once very close to Asaram herself and got the job of a warden because of this close relation. Was it usual for her to send girls from the hostel to Asaram’s private rooms? Did he always cure them with such ‘rituals’?

As the accusing family clearly says, it seems to have been a well organized crime: the girl once fainted – for whatever reason. She woke up just shortly after that but the parents were informed that a ghost had entered their daughter’s body, that she had fallen sick and that they had helped her with one of Asaram’s Mantras. For getting fully cured however, the guru would need to perform a ritual himself!

Shiva admitted that this ghost story was told to the parents – making it clear that this was not a spontaneous crime but something that had been planned beforehand! He was the one to bring the girl in, like many others before her – but the person who started the process, the warden of the hostel, is absconding!

Obviously, the questions that come in my mind are plenty. Were his hostels and centers everywhere made for this purpose? For showing that he is educating young people while actually just keeping the possibility to choose from a crowd of young girls whenever he feels like it? To satisfy a sick mind that wants to assault minor girls? Girls whose families are fully devoted to him, so that they have nowhere to go and tell about his wrong actions? Girls who see him as god, so that he can do what he wants without them even complaining? Girls who would easily succumb to threats should they really resist?

We will watch the further development of the case and wait for the truth to come out – no matter how sickening it might be!

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