Measuring Energy and Selling Enlightenment – 9 Feb 08

Somebody came today, who was giving company to one of my healing clients. He showed me a kind of electronic device, a little box, and asked: "Swami Ji, can you feel the cosmic energy that is in it?" Then he switched it on with a power button. I answered "No." He said "Oh, I thought maybe you will be impressed because you feel wonderful energy." But I did not.

After the man had gone my friend Thomas told that he had recently seen an advertisement: apparently someone created a pill for enlightenment. Eat it and you are enlightened. This kind of thing nearly became part of culture. We want to buy everything and think we can have everything for money. Even enlightenment.

Especially the evening was nice today. Two friends of Thomas and Iris came for dinner. After food one of them played the tanpura and sang with it. He is a great singer. Thomas also made us happy by playing the rudraveena. Music is a wonderful medium for concentration. Meditation can be more easy with it. Music can bring you in that state of consciousness in which you can focus on the inside and try to find your inner joy.

4 Replies to “Measuring Energy and Selling Enlightenment – 9 Feb 08”

  1. THIS kind of honesty and directness is helpful and healing. It is not meant to hurt you and if it does that harm is coming from inside you and not from the person being honest.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe anyone would actually believe that a pill could make you enlightened. This is certainly the influence of Western culture, which has a pill for everything. But all jokes aside, I truly wish that anyone searching in ernest for a path to enlightenment be guided by their own heart in the most genuine of manners. And music is a great tool! Heard the rudraveena played by Thomas last night…very cool!

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