Does the Indian Law work different for religious and wealthy Gurus like Asaram? – 3 Sep 13


I yesterday told you about the case of Asaram which has been in the news for the past two weeks. He is accused of sexual harassment of a minor and was arrested in the night from 31st August to 1st September 2013. The reason why there are huge disputes on the media these days is not only the fact that he allegedly tried to have sex with a minor but mostly because it seems that he got a very special treatment that a normal person accused of sexual harassment or even rape would never get!

If you look at the timeline, the 16-year-old girl was alone with Asaram on 15th August. She was shy to tell her parents until they reached their home the next day. The parents tried to get a meeting with Asaram in Delhi and when this was denied, they filed the report on the 20th August 2013. He was arrested only 11 days later – how come?

Obviously the case was immediately picked up by media in that time and as Asaram is a known guru, it is easy to know where he is. Nevertheless, the police took its time in taking action. While Asaram claimed that the whole case was a conspiracy against him, we heard in the media that the police is ‘on their way’ to interrogate him. Asaram himself however moved from one town to another, from one of his Ashrams to another – and the police never really reached to him for a meeting to get his statement! Did they go by foot or is there any other explanation why they could not talk to him?

Naturally, the country was in an uproar, the media on his heels, his supporters condemning the accusers and denying everything and the rest of the nation wondering how it could be that he was still walking around fully free! There were fights in front of his Ashrams when his supporters attacked journalists and police had to intervene and even arrest some people!

On 27th August, media finally reported that the police had sent a notice to Asaram: he should appear before police until the 30th August so that they could question him. Finally there was a deadline for him to cooperate and explain himself in front of the police. Instead of doing that however, he waited until the limit was over and then sent an SMS and a fax to the police, explaining that he could not come because he was ‘too busy’! He asked for 20 more days because he was too busy with his programs!

Thankfully, even the police obviously thought this was getting too ridiculous and they finally arrested him on 1st September. For the next fourteen days at least, his residence will be the jail, no matter how much he affirms that this all is just a political or religious conspiracy!

While I in no way doubt the truth of the accusing teen’s statements, I fully believe that the big delay in Asaram’s arrest is due to a political game in this religious country. If he had been a normal person, he would have been arrested on the spot and not given ten days of time, asked to come by and been waited for! But why, the law is one for all, isn’t it?

Maybe, in India, it isn’t! There is obviously a certain scope within which politicians can manipulate a bit. They obviously did not want to lose the votes of many Hindus by taking strong action against this popular godman!

It is disappointing, outrageous, infuriating, saddening and much more to think this but I still believe that the law has a strong arm, that the truth will come out and he will be punished for his wrong actions which would prove that even wealthy, religious and influential gurus like him will face actions against them if they abuse their followers!

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