Unfulfilled Expectations lead to Anger – Example of our Newsletter – 28 Mar 09


Today Ramona showed me two photos of people who marked us as spam after our last newsletter. Spam means that an email is unwanted. But Ramona showed me the pictures and we had their names and birth details. I also knew those pictures and I remembered that they had taken part in the distance healing in one of the last months. I said: ‘How can they think of us as spammers? How do we have their picture? They have sent it and that is how we have their picture.’

Another thing is that there is an unsubscribe link in each newsletter. If they only do this one click on this link they will never receive any newsletter anymore. But instead of that they mark us as spam. They bring out their frustration and anger in this way. They want to harm.

We were searching for the reason and found out that both people also wanted to have a Mantra which we offer for donation. We sent them the link where they could make the donation but they wanted to have it for free and this is how they got angry. And this anger they could only bring out by marking our newsletter as spam. It is okay, we anyway got to know this and we took them off the list so that they will never receive any mail anymore. It also doesn’t really harm us as it is only two people out of thousands but it is interesting to see their reaction and frustration. If people do not get things done for free, as they wanted to, and if their expectation is not fulfilled, they sometimes search for a way to harm you.

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2 Replies to “Unfulfilled Expectations lead to Anger – Example of our Newsletter – 28 Mar 09”

  1. I think it’s a possibility that these people were not intending harm or hurtful feelings by clicking spam. If they didn’t even open the email, they wouldn’t have seen the unsubscribe button. And perhaps, in a rush to delete unwanted emails, they quickly checked several emails that looked impersonal and put them into the spam category. To them, it was a quick and easy way to avoid extra unwanted to emails. To you, it was a hurtful sign of being displeased with your newsletter and web services. They probably didn’t know that the spam click would get back to you, and if they did, they might have searched for the unsubscribe button… or even stopped to read and enjoy the newsletter!Perhaps they were angry about the mantra donation thing. But I don’t know… just something to think about.