Be Who You Are – Do not Follow Expectations of Others – 10 Dec 08


Today I had a couple of healing sessions and then I cooked Pulao, which is rice with vegetables, Tofu with mushrooms and Dal, Lentils, which was very tasty! Then after dinner we went to have a Darshan.

Today I said that most of the time of our life we are living for other people. We are trying to make others happy. We want to be how our friends want to see us, our family, our neighbours and our colleagues. We want to be what we are not. We do not accept ourselves as we are but we want to wear a mask of what we are not. It is what others expect from us. We are trying to make others happy but we forget the principle: you cannot make everyone happy. We have had this experience hundreds of times but still we do the same again and again.

And in this way we do not respect our emotions, our feelings, our inner voice, our soul, our God, our heart. We are struggling and fighting with ourselves. The more we fight the more difficult it will get. Accept yourself and you will see how easy life will be. I said this is my way of meditation which gives this training to the mind to accept your feelings. Accept yourself, respect yourself and love yourself. We had a wonderful meditation and energy together.

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4 Replies to “Be Who You Are – Do not Follow Expectations of Others – 10 Dec 08”

  1. I have a problem with making masks in order to cause happiness in others. Sometimes it’s like the more i know someone the thicker my mask gets until it’s to the point when I can only be myself around strangers. it is an uncomfortable position.

  2. I also thank you for this entry. It is nice to read about something that speaks so deeply to all of us.In my experience, there have been times when I desire to fulfill the expectations of someone because I know that it’s actually what’s best for me. For example, when my mom has certain expectations of me, I truly want to fulfill them because she has my best interest and highest potential in her hopes. But I can’t always be that perfect person! I have to honor myself first from the depths of my own truth. And she will appreciate who I really am in turn.

  3. Trying to be what others expect you to be will only create discontent. Do and say always what you feel, because those who mind, they don’t matter! 😉