Spreading the Emotions that you feel – 28 Feb 08


I said yesterday: We attract what we have and this is also what we spread. If you are happy or sad, if you are jealous or angry, whatever feeling you have, you will be very sensitive towards this kind of feeling also if others have it. This is why you are also attracting it. A happy person will find himself surrounded by a very happy atmosphere. In the same way it is obvious that you spread what you have. You can only give what you have. You cannot give anything that you do not have. If you want to give money and make someone rich, you have to be rich in the first place. If you don't have food to feed yourself how can you fill someone else's stomach? If you do not have any clothes how could you give them to someone else? So if you are not happy how can you make someone else happy? You need to have what you want to give. If you want to give love you must have love first.

I want to give an example of how we spread what we have: Suppose, a man is very sad about something but he doesn't want his family to know that. He doesn't want to make his wife and children sad. So he doesn't tell the reason for his sadness to anyone and tries to hide his sadness. But it doesn't work. When he is living there and he is sad it cannot be that his family is not affected by his sadness. This man cannot give happiness. He may try but if he only has sadness, if there is no happiness, he will not succeed. The atoms that are coming out with the breath are full of sad energy and whoever is there breathes the sadness in. In this way we are spreading our mood, our energy. We are sensitive also towards other people's moods but this I will talk about tomorrow.

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  1. I have heard this for a long time and also not believed it for a long time. The principle of being happy to attract more happiness, or attracting what you put out in general. But it is so very true! And it’s also a good thing to stay conscious of, even after you first learn it to make sure you keep yourself in check with output and input.thanks Swami ji!

  2. So true… all thoughts and feelings are energy. We create them and put them into the universe. And people can sense what we are putting out. It is likely that, if you are happy, you will not enjoy the energy of someone who is sad or angry. You will probably seek other people who are happy also. So decide carefully what you choose to put into the universe!

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